Welcome Summer: Temperatures Climb Across the Country

Tourists visiting Greece this weekend and next week can expect comfortable and warm temperatures in the high 20’s to early 30’s.

With the summer season just around the corner, temperatures are expected to reach 30 degrees Celsius in central and southern Greece on Thursday.

The National Observatory’s Meteo weather service on Thursday morning said temperatures will range from 12 to 29 degrees in Northern Greece, 17 to 31 degrees in Central and Southern Greece, 10 to 26 degrees in West Greece (31 degrees in the southwest Peloponnese), 19 to 26 degrees in the Cyclades and Crete and 16 to 28 degrees in the Eastern Aegean islands and the Dodecanese.

In the North Aegean, winds will remain at a moderate 3-5 on the Beaufort scale, while in the southeastern Aegean they will rise to 5-6.

Meteorologists are predicting the weather to stay in the high 20’s to early 30’s over the weekend and well into next week.

This article was originally published at ekathimerini.com.

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