Black Rock Sounds

Santorini boasts one of the finest recording studios in the world

In sharp contrast to the island’s popular image as a destination that attracts throngs of tourists, there is something quite different drawing people to a certain spot in Akrotiri; just the right amount of peace and solitude in which to make beautiful music. That’s because it’s here that music producer Kostas Kalimeris and his associates have created a world-class recording studio, offering luxury accommodation complete with total privacy, all in a unique setting that has inspired artists as diverse as Iron Maiden bassist Steve Harris, OneRepublic, Justin Bieber and Bring Me the Horizon.

Impeccably designed by Roger D’Arcy of Recording Architecture and equipped with an 80-channel Solid State Logic 9080 J series console, Black Rock had booked its first client, blues guitarist Joe Bonamassa in 2008, even before it had been completed. “He just saw the drawings!” says Kostas. That same year, it was named the world’s “Best New Sound Recording Studio” by Audio Pro International. Black Rock’s reputation quickly spread by word of mouth among recording artists, a trend that Kostas hopes will continue so that one day he may welcome his personal top three favorites – Muse, Timbaland and Rammstein – to the facilities.

As we are shown around the well-appointed, beautifully-lit villa with its beckoning swimming pool, we can’t help but wonder if we might be looking at the scene of some of those wild parties so often associated with rock legends. Alas, the truth is more mundane. Artists come here primarily to avoid distraction while working on their songs, and perhaps to visit one or two places on the island. Even Justin Bieber, the “bad boy” of pop, turned out to be sociable, friendly and – of course – a real pro. In fact, he left behind a gift for Santorini, a video clip that helped promote the island all over the world.


Black Rock Studios

Akrotiri •  Tel (+30) 22860.822.90

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