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Amanda Michalopoulou

BY Amanda Michalopoulou

| Oct 22, 2015


Holy Forest

Literature meets nature at the Northern Pindos National Park. The Vovousa Festival in Northern Pindos can be seen as an original form of cultural protest, part of the ongoing struggle to protect nature. Plans for building a second dam on Aoos River, sponsored by big interests – as is usually the case with projects of such a scale – has united the local community and given impetus to a common…

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Maria Korachai

BY Maria Korachai

| Oct 08, 2015


Going Nuts for Pistachios

“What did you enjoy the most?” asks a father of his kids, on the boat leaving Aegina. “The pistachio paste,” they reply, almost in unison. Just an hour’s boat ride from Athens, the island’s inhabitants, producing the world famous appellation nut, have proven their inventiveness: pistachio pralines, pistachio shell jewelry, works of art imitating nature, pistachio honey, baclava, pistachio beauty products, traditional pottery, porcelain and naturally, ample quantities of baked…

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