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BY Anthony Grant

| Mar 05, 2019


Hail Hydra: A Midwinter Weekend on the Saronic Isle

“I do.” No, there was no matrimonial interrogation in the air, just a jaded Athenian friend asking who in their right mind voluntarily sails off to the Greek islands in the middle of winter.

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BY Angelos Rentoulas

| Jun 26, 2018


Four Insider Secrets About Hydra

The editor in chief of Kathimerini’s Gastronomos magazine shares a few secrets about Hydra.

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Amber Charmei

BY Amber Charmei

| May 29, 2017


The First Swim of the Year on Hydra

Greeks count their swims. They’ll ask one another “How many swims have you had?” More often than not, the answer that comes back is an exact number like “fifty-six”.

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