Oracle’s Oil: New Plan to Boost Delphi’s Olive Game

A new plan is in the works that would see Delphi become a center for promoting olives, olive oil and their health benefits.

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Newly Found Clay Plaque Hailed as Oldest Written Record of Odyssey

Archaeologists uncovered the clay plaque featuring an excerpt of the Odyssey in Olympia, the site of the original Olympic Games.

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E-ticket System Ready for Museums and Ancient Sites

Some of the country's largest museums will be among the first to introduce the new ticket system which will allow purchases of tickets online.

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Summer Sales Started Monday

Summer retail sales begin at stores across Greece on Monday and will run through Friday, August 31.

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Cretan Festival to Celebrate Kazantzakis’ Russian Travels

The “Travelling” festival on Crete is dedicated to the travel books of Nikos Kazantzakis. This year, the focus is Soviet Russia.

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To Be or AirBnB?

An Off Broadway play currently being performed in Athens provides a comic look at the pitfalls of Airbnb.

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Ancient Greek Sounds Transfix Audience in Athens

An event at the National Archaeological Museum saw ancient hymns performed using faithful replicas of ancient instruments.

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Zongolopoulos’ ‘Umbrellas’ Fly to Egypt

A sculpture similar to the work by the artist that has become an iconic feature on Thessaloniki's waterfront will be part of a new Egyptian city.

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