Museum of Cycladic Art: Preserving the Unique Identity of the Cyclades

A new initiative by the Museum of Cycladic Art in Athens aims to highlight and protect the unique cultural and natural heritage of the Cyclades islands.

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Experts Call for Restrictions on Ionian Beaches at Risk of Landslides

Following a 3-year study by Athens University on landslides and coastal erosion, scientists are calling for restrictions on access to 14 Ionian beaches.

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Zagori Gains UNESCO World Heritage Status

The Zagori region in northwest Greece, famed for its picturesque stone-built villages known as "Zagorochoria," is inscribed on UNESCO's World Heritage List.

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Small Greek Island Promotes “No Swimming Pool” Holidays

The small island of Lipsi in the Dodecanese launches a campaign promoting "no swimming pool" holidays for tourists, in a bid to eliminate water waste.

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Vovousa: Multimedia Exhibition Raises Awareness on Fragility of Aoos River

A new exhibition seeks to immerse viewers in the ecological diversity and multiculturalism of the region encompassing the Aoos River, on the Greece-Albania border.

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The Island of Delos and UNESCO Send Message about Climate Change

The "Alpha Mission - Delos" initiative presented a major conversation on climate and the future of humanity at the UNESCO headquarters in Paris on Monday.

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Mount Olympus Eyes UNESCO List

Greece's highest mountain, rising to 2918 meters at its summit, is already a national park, and a spectacular mountain to explore.

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Two Greek Areas Listed as World Geological Heritage Sites

The petrified forest of Lesvos and the volcanic caldera of Santorini have been included in the first list of 100 World Geological Heritage Sites.

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