Samos Wines: Sweet Moments from Samos with Love

The island in the northeastern Aegean has the perfect climate for the cultivation of the Samos Muscat grape which produces extraordinary sweet as well as dry wines.

The northeastern island of Samos, teeming with green forests and surrounded by the magical blue of the Aegean, is undeniably one of the most beautiful of the Greek archipelago. Once home to the great ancient mathematician Pythagoras, Samos has a rich history going back millenia – a heritage that is evident in its archaeological sites including the stunning, recently restored Eupalinian Aqeuduct, a kilometer long tunnel carved out of solid rock that has been described as the 8th wonder of the ancient world.

The island is a fantastic holiday destination for nature lovers as well as history buffs, boasting beautiful hikes through dense forests and swimming off stunning, pristine beaches.

And no visit to the island is complete without a sampling of some of its most remarkable products: the unique sweet and dry wines of Samos.

The island’s favorable climate combined with the extraordinary qualities of its soil constitute the perfect terroir for the cultivation of the Samos Muscat grape. The variety produces not only spectacular sweet wines but also extraordinary flavorful and aromatic dry wines.

The Greek sun, varied terrain, rich soil and strong Aegean winds create the perfect conditions for the cultivation of this internationally renowned small-grape Muscat. Extraordinary sweet wines such as Samos Nectar, Samos Anthemis, Samos Vin Doux and Samos Grand Cru are the perfect accompaniment to cherished moments – both when on the island and after you leave. Aromatic and sweet, they can be served as an aperitif as you welcome friends and family or as an ideal ending to a wonderful meal.

Samos Wines at a Glance:

Samos Nectar

A sweet wine with deep amber color and beautiful shades of orange. Mature aromas meet the raisins in the foreground and noble aromas of walnut. It is a wine made from sun-dried grapes, aged for six years in oak barrels.

Samos Anthemis

Its impressive, deep dark orange color and hints of bronze testify to is ageing for five-years. It explodes with notes of honey, caramel and cherry, featuring a highly complex and dense aromatic profile built on many levels.

Samos Vin Doux

With a golden yellow hue of honey, it has a distinctive fruitiness with tantalizing aromas of apricot jam, ripe melon and butterscotch candy. It is not by chance that it is the top selling sweet wine in Greece and exported around the globe.

Samos Grand Cru 

sweet wine of the United Winemaking Agricultural Cooperative of Samos (UWC Samos) with a remarkable career in France! It is crafted from well-matured grapes grown in semi-mountainous vineyards and is the perfect expression of the characteristic Muscat variety as well as of the wine growing region of Samos as a whole. The Grand Cru is at its best when it accompanies light desserts topped with sweet fruit, yet it is open to a playful experimentation with savory dishes such as those that feature fresh cream, yellow cheeses and béchamel sauces. It may even rise to the challenge of roast chicken and prove a revelation!

The Best Place to Explore Samos Wines

When planning to visit Samos, do not miss the opportunity to pay a visit to the Samos Wine Museum in Malagari, Samos Town where you can taste the unique and remarkable sweet and dry wines of the United Winemaking Agricultural Cooperative. Experience the unforgettable flavors and combine your visit with an excursion to the island’s capital where you can also visit Pythagoras Square, the Archaeological Museum, the Central Public Library and many other sites.


Contact Info: United Winemaking Agricultural Cooperative of Samos (UWC SAMOS), Malagari, 83100, Samos

For visits please contact the Marketing Department: Tel: +30 22730 87510 (ext 538 or 539)

Email: [email protected]



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