Greek Gifts for Your Valentine

A list of pretty things for the day when it's totally fine to be consumerist and, lets face it, a little girly.

February might be the least-liked month of the year, unless you enjoy skiing. At the tail-end of winter, with the big holidays a vague memory and what seems like a long stretch ahead to get to spring, daily routines can start to take a toll on our mood – that is, if we don’t break out of them.

Valentine’s Day sometimes gets a bad rap. “Why not show love every day?” the haters say. Well, we agree with that one in a way; lets spread some love and happy vibes, and lets use Valentine’s Day to escape our unexceptional day-to-day.


This year, the big day falls on a Monday, which is an excellent excuse for anyone who likes to avoid the hearts and balloons that come with going out to dinner, as not all, but many restaurants remain closed in Greece on Mondays. Instead, how about dinner and gifts at home?

Below is a list of lovely things from Greek companies that would certainly brighten our February.

Amour Necklace


This dainty necklace, playful and elegant at once, is from Ileana Makri’s collection designed for Netflix’s Emily in Paris. Made from 18-carat gold-plated sterling silver, you can’t go wrong gifting this to a fashionista.


Shop here.

Be my λόβερ Socks


Who doesn’t secretly like a “Greek lover”? This pair of feet warmers with hairy Greeks and the words “Be my lover” on them from Ode to Socks are fun, funny, and pink – what could go wrong? They’re also unisex.


Shop here.

Winged Phallus


Perhaps not in everyone’s… um, taste, Ergon Mykonos’ Valentine’s Day gift suggestion is their “winged phallus” jewelry collection. The design, inspired by phallic birds found on plaques at Delos island with inscriptions that read: “ΤΟΥΤΟ ΕΜΟΙ ΚΑΙ ΤΟΥΤΟ ΣΟΙ” (this for me and this for you), is available as a pin, for gentlemen and ladies alike, a pendant necklace, earrings, and a ring boasting two white or black pearls. A fertility symbol in ancient Greece and today, they’re a great cheeky gift for couples about to start a family.


Shop here.

Rose Candle


Candles will always be romantic, and Waks produces some of our favorites. For the big day this year, they’ve launched a new scent: Original Rose, featuring French roses, white musk, patchouli and pink pepper. The idea is to make every day smell like Valentine’s Day.


Shop here.

Cuvee Monsignori


A bottle or two of a great Greek wine is never a bad idea. One of many great options is the Cuvee Monsignori from the Argyros Estate, which was recently named Greece’s best wine, based on popularity, by e-shop If you prefer something bubbly for a romantic night, find a list of alternatives here.


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Pink Cheesecake


Things are great. Edible things are better. For this special night, we couldn’t imagine a better sweet treat than the cheesecake with rose mousse, raspberry jam and almond sablé, made by the city’s first ghost patisserie, Madame Fraise.


Order here.

Heart Necklace


A classic – if you haven’t gifted your partner a heart necklace yet, let this be the year. This hand-carved pearl charm necklace from Christina Soubli features an 18-carat gold chain, filigree details (Soubli’s signature style), and a tiny pink tourmaline stone.


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