Design: 15 Souvenirs from Greece

Pondering what to buy for yourself and your loved ones on your trip to Greece? Here are some of our favorite items on the market now.

You might say there are two types of travelers: those who bring home souvenirs, and those who haven’t yet seen what souvenirs are like in 2023. We like to buy them as gifts for upcoming birthdays and celebrations, as well as for ourselves, because souvenirs today are so much more than tchotchkes that assemble in drawers.

In Greece, new souvenir brands with product lines that lean more toward home design than trinkets and baubles have completely changed the game. While you’ll still find plastic figurines and Parthenon refrigerator magnets in some stores where tourists gather, you’ll also find stylish modern items to use, wear, or display as pieces of art in your home. Designers of all categories in Greece are often more than a little bit influenced by the country’s history and natural heritage, which also adds to your options; some of the items we’ve listed below were not specifically made to be souvenirs, but suit that purpose nonetheless. Ceramics inspired by art or crafts in ancient Greece, jewelry that echoes elements in Greek nature, and accessories made by local fashion designers are all great mementos that bring your mind back to the place where you bought them.

Coral chip- and ancient art jewelry from Hermina

The jewelry from Athens-based brand Hermina is at once elegant and playful, nostalgic and modern. Coral chip necklaces like their black “Kamari beach necklace,” inspired by the black sand beach on Santorini, brings to mind the shell bead necklaces we’d find in pre-millennium souvenir shops. Meanwhile, their gold-plated pieces featuring tiny representations of famous ancient sculptures go with absolutely everything, and look good on both women and men.

Kamari necklace: €81-€84


Shop here.

Vase from Naked Summers

Handmade by Christina Mandilari at her studio and showroom in Athens, the ceramics from her brand Naked Summers are inspired by Cycladic minimalism and various ancient symbols. Made from Fairtrade white clay, each piece is hand-painted and therefore unique.



Shop here.

Wooden puzzles from Animi

For parents and grandparents, gifts for kids are undoubtedly the most important souvenirs to get on a trip, and while children might be happy with something you pick up from the airport, we cast our vote for a handcrafted toy with a story. Animi’s series of decorative stacking toys in the shapes of historical and mythological figures are ideal, as you can spend a moment together sharing the story behind the characters. Made with beech wood and eco-friendly water-based paint, they come with a tiny display stand.

Small €45, large €79


Shop here.

Earrings from Sfoo

Quirky and dainty, these earrings from Sfoo resembling things like tiny Greek coffee pots (or “briki”), boats, clouds, and planes, come mounted on cute illustrated cards from Birds & Lofts depicting typical Greek scenes like sea views and Athenian apartment buildings.



Shop here.

Plate from Marilyn Joys

These small ceramic plates from Marilyn Joys feature one of the most famous symbols seen on Greek souvenirs, which also happens to be trending among designers worldwide right now: the evil eye. As the eye is traditionally said to ward off the bad luck curse caused by glares of jealous people witnessing your success, this plate makes a great congratulatory gift (think engagement present to be used for the rings at the wedding).



Shop here.

Silk pareo from My Greek World

What better to purchase as a memory from Greece than something you’ll actually use while in Greece? A timeless beach accessory that you can wear in countless ways, a pareo is one of those souvenirs we never regret buying. Created by artist Marina Nicolaidis, this one featuring flowers, swallows, and Cycladic island houses is made from semi-sheer silk georgette.



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Linear B bracelet from Klotho

Cretan fashion company Klotho always draw inspiration from ancient Greece. This cuff bracelet, embellished with small, semi-precious blue stones, depicts the word “woman” in Linear B, the earliest known Greek script.



Shop here.

Greek wine candle from Oenovated

If you enjoyed Greek wines on your trip, you’ll love these natural soy wax candles in repurposed wine bottles from Oenovated, a company that aim to “blend wine with street culture.” They’re cleverly scented with the aromas of Greek wines – or at least the gist of them. The Xinomavro candle, for example, is scented with strawberries, oakwood, and tobacco. Their e-shop is currently under construction, but until it’s functioning, you can place your orders via their Instagram and Facebook page.



Shop here.

The colors of Greece from Thiki

With a shop located in the middle of Athens’ most colorful souvenir shop district, Thiki stands out with their minimal designs. Among their most attractive products are the color swatch prints with colors that represent various aspects of Greek summer, which you’ll find on bags, iPhone cases, and keychains.



Shop here.

Medusa mirror from Mirella Manta

Created by fashion designer Mirella Manta, this handheld mirror can also be hung on the wall. Made from laser-cut wood, it was inspired by the myth of Medusa, a beautiful priestess at a temple for Athena, who was transformed into a beast with snakes instead of hair by the Goddess after she was impregnated by Poseidon inside the temple. According to the myth, looking into her eyes would turn you to stone, so do be careful…



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Towel from Sun of a Beach

The thick and luxurious beach towels from Sun of a Beach are the kind of cozy towel we want wrapped around us after an evening swim. An up-and-coming brand you can now find in several places including the Athens International Airport, they’re made from 100% Egyptian cotton, and available in bath towel size and as ponchos for kids. As a lovely nostalgic souvenir, we like the La Gréce design, resembling postcards of the past, as well as their limited-edition line created in collaboration with WWF, to raise awareness for endangered animals of the Mediterranean Sea.



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Onesie from Smalls

Greek men are famously known for being close to their mothers, and sometimes annoyingly so. Featuring the word “μαμάκιας” (mamakias), or “momma’s boy,” this onesie from Athens-based baby brand Smalls therefore makes for a terribly cheeky souvenir. Made from organic cotton and with extra soft stitching suitable for sensitive skin, the design is also available as a t-shirt for older kids (though thankfully, there are no adult sizes).



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Seafoam earrings from Makke

Not made, as it may look, from fabric – but from porcelain, these beautiful statement earrings from Makke’s Aphroessa collection are inspired by the sight of waves crashing onto the beach, and the seafoam that lingers.



Shop here.

Sunglasses from Uglybell

Tourists visiting Greece from northern countries often find themselves having to purchase sunglasses, simply because they forgot to bring some. Either way, what better design item to shop while in sunny Greece, than shades? Uglybell creates bold and unique glasses inspired by things like the staircases of old Athenian apartment buildings and the sun setting in Santorini’s caldera.



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Pop-up cards from Birds & Lofts

Even the cards have changed. Rather than a tired postcard that invariably arrives a week after you get home, buy a greeting card that’s really special, and deliver it in person. These 3D pop-up cards from Birds & Lofts are inspired by Greek architecture.



Shop here.

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