The Greek Designers Emily Wore in Paris

Greek designs stood out in the second season of fashion-centered Netflix series, Emily in Paris.

By Giota Mastrogiannopoulou

Fans enthusiastically awaited the return of Netflix’s Emily in Paris, as eager to find out what would happen next in the heroine’s love life, as to see what she would wear. Patricia Field has created a character who seems to approach fashion with a good touch of humor. She may not follow the rules of Parisian chic, but Emily Cooper stays true to herself, letting her unique personality shine through in every outfit.


In the second season of Emily in Paris, Greek fashion also made an impression. Through the episodes, we often saw Lily Collins walk the streets of the French capital wearing the creations of Greek designers. The influence of Greek fashion was underlined by the exclusive deals which the show made with several Greek brands, whose products are now sold through Netflix, to the fans wishing to copy the style.

Inspired by Emily’s playful looks, popular Zeus and Dione created a collection of sunglasses seen in the show. With polygon and cat eye frames and multicolored designs, they were the accessories that stood out and elevated the looks of the lead characters.

Famous jewelry designer Ileana Makri created a collection of gold jewelry for the show. Pendant necklaces and bracelets with the words “amour” and “c’ est la vie”, and heart-shaped earrings matched Emily’s romantic personality.

The show loves colors, prints, and mixing and matching. It has that in common with Greek brand Rianna + Nina, which creates fashion out of luxurious vintage fabrics. We spotted two of their flowy kimonos on Lily Collins.

Another Greek designer that was chosen for the actress by Patricia Field was Vasilis Zoulias. Among the many pieces of his featured in the series, one that stood out was a elegant magenta A-line dress, which Emily wore to Gabriel’s restaurant opening, as well as a floral jacket, which she wore with tall tan boots.

The second season also put a spotlight on the style of Mindy, Emily’s best friend played by Ashley Park. She wore a number of impressive outfits, with one of them, a feathered piece by Deux Hommes, drawing particular attention from the fashion world.

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