New Issue: Greece Is Crete 2019 to be Released this Weekend

Our latest print issue is the ultimate guide to Greece’s largest and most populous island. Pick one up this weekend (10-11/8/2019).

Another print issue of Greece Is magazine – Greece Is Crete 2019, will be available with The New York Times International Edition – Kathimerini English Edition (available everywhere international press is sold throughout Greece) this weekend.

Cut off geographically from the rest of Greece, Crete is like a country of its own – if not a different world all together – and has been so since the beginning of recorded history.

Today, the island welcomes more than 3.5 million visitors a year, and has a well-established tourism industry. Yet still, large parts of Crete remain pleasantly unchanged by the developments. Traditions live on in the villages, and much of the land still consists of untouched, rugged and wild nature. Cretans are patriotic, proud and fierce, and some of the most hospitable people you’ll ever come across, always eager share their table at the village kafeneia (cafés), and to treat you to the delicacies of the famous local cuisine.

On the 215 pages of this, our second issue of Greece Is Crete, we introduce you to Crete’s incredible mountainous landscapes and the traditions and ingredients that form its famous cuisine. We explore the secrets of the Palace of Knossos and the history of the Minoans; Who were they really? We find out what it’s like to discover Crete on a bicycle. Finally, we present our guides to the island’s four prefectures, Hania, Rethymno, Iraklio and Lasithi, including all the best things to do, see and eat.

So don’t miss your chance to pick up a copy of the magazine at the newsstand together with The New York Times International Edition this weekend.

Greece Is Crete 2019 is also available online on our website (here), as well as through our e-shop.

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