Santorini in Pictures

Iconic views of an island that attracts millions of travelers from around the world


Cupolas, domes, excavated houses and rooftops all come together in a colorful caleidoscope, a game of sight and mind. 
You’ll be there in it, somewhere, getting lost in the beautiful chaos, 
falling in love with it all and promising yourself that one day you’ll return.


You may wander its cobbled alleys and enjoy its famous sunset but you will never see it quite like this, in all its splendor: 
The 2-kilometers stretch of Oia, clinging onto the northern rim 
of the caldera, at a height of 70-100 meters above sea level.


Formed just 300 years ago, Nea Kameni, or simply “the volcano” as it’s referred to by the locals, 
is the Eastern Mediterranean’s youngest volcanic landform. Today it is a protected natural monument and geological park, 
monitored closely by scientists and visited daily by dozens of tourists, with the most adventurous climbing the gravel path 
to the top of the 130-meter-high crater, where it is possible to complete a full circuit of the rim.


Freedom of expression, the foresight to use the volcanic material, 
man’s need for security and the plethora of influences that swept over Santorini through the ages, 
have shaped an architectural style that is never short of surprises. Here, a detail from 
the 1805 Church of Agios Iakovos in Pyrgos, the former capital and one of the prettiest villages on the island.


Black sand, crystalline waters that get precipitously deeper after just a few steps and a majestic volcanic wall of stone sculpted through the centuries by ferocious winds, 
the brine and waves… this is Vlychada, one of the longest and most impressive beaches 
of Santorini, offering various degrees of isolation.