Simply the Best Spas in Greece

Luxurious, sophisticated and tailored pampering around the country. Here are Greece's award-winning spas that make you want to stay forever.

Spa therapy is certainly not new to Greece. Thousands of years ago, Greeks were already well acquainted with the many pleasures and vital benefits of curative hot and mineral springs, of seawater rich in salts and iodine and of therapies involving the inhalation, imbibing or bodily application of herbal and flower essences. They were aware of oil massages, medicinal diets, healing music, and the role of physical exercise in health.

Today, spa and thalassotherapy centers operating around the country have taken wellness to a new level by using high-tech equipment, modern practices and radical new scientific products that offer guests highly sophisticated, tailor-made wellness services. Although most of the best spas in Greece today include a delightful range of therapies from other ancient cultures such as India, Japan and China, the enduring reliability of the health principles of Classical Greece, inspired by the likes of the physician Hippocrates and the god Asclepius, continue to be the prevalent foundations for even the most progressive treatments, thus holistically and harmoniously connecting the old with the new.


To all of this, you can add the attractive prospect of relaxing in either majestic interiors with peaceful lighting and décor carefully designed to enhance the serenity of your surroundings, or outdoor locations where the air is clean, the sun is bright and the sea embraces the landscape in dazzling blues. Finally, throw in fresh local seasonal food divinely prepared, and it’s guaranteed the experience will leave you “sparkling” inside and out. 

There are simply too many excellent spas in Greece to list them all, but here are the ones that won, or were nominated for, some of the most prestigious international spa awards in 2017.

Award Winners

The Spa, Porto Zante Villas & Spa

In the Tragaki area of Zakynthos, at the idyllic resort of Porto Zante Villas & Spa, which was named Europe’s Leading Beach Hotel 2017 & Europe’s Leading Luxury Hotel & Villas 2017 by the World Travel Awards, the crystal clear turquoise water of the Ionian Sea meets the hotel’s private sandy beach and provides unparalleled views.

The spa itself was awarded the title Greece’s Best Hotel Spa at the World Spa Awards in 2017, which says it all. You cannot possibly be disappointed here.


The spa features waterfront facilities, so you can enjoy the view of the sea during your treatments. For privacy, you can also choose to have the experienced spa therapists perform your treatments at your private villa. There is no pool connected to the spa, but it has an excellent hammam and a sauna, and an unbeatable and unique atmosphere.

Twenty different therapies from all over the world, including massages and facial treatments inspired by Greek nature and aromatherapy, can be tailored to your needs. Following a holistic approach, they combine natural products like Greek herbs and exotic spices with cutting edge massage techniques.

PORTO ZANTE VILLAS & SPA, Tragaki, Zakynthos, Tel: (+30) 210.821.8640. Open May-October. Therapies from 90€.

Santo Maris Oia Luxury Suites & Spa

On the outskirts of Oia on Santorini, in a truly peaceful location, the newly-built Santo Maris Oia hotel offers the largest spa on the island, complete with the obligatory spectacular sunset views. It was named Greece’s Best Resort Spa in 2017 by the World Spa Awards.

The facilities cover 300 sq. meters and include, among other things, a steam bath, a hydro-massage bath with salts from the Aegean Sea, cryotherapy facilities, and a sauna, and it offers a multitude of classic spa treatments such as Swedish massage, Thai massage, wraps, anti-aging facial treatments and hot stone massage. For the most exclusive experience, book the Spa Therapy Villa, complete with two luxury therapy beds, where you and your partner can enjoy your treatments in private.


The “Lucky Treatment” is said to make all your wishes come true. Exactly how, you’ll have to visit to find out. After closing your eyes and making your wish, two massage therapists will work their magic. There are also excellent package deals, such as the “Green Detox”, a slimming detox anti-cellulite package including seaweed therapy, a detox aroma massage, and an express facial treatment.

SANTO MARIS OIA LUXURY SUITES & SPA, Santorini, Tel: (+30) 22866.00630. Open April-October. Therapies from 100€ (for a first taste of luxury, download the free spa ticket for a 15 minute massage from their website).

Espace Vitalite Chenot Spa, Elounda Beach Hotel & Villas

Named Greece’s Best Wellness Retreat at the Luxury Spa Awards in 2017, and Best Resort Spa in 2016 (for which they were also nominated in 2017), the Espace Vitalite is one of the most famous spas in Greece. The hotel itself, which is located in a gorgeous site by the Aegean Sea, in Elounda on the island of Crete, was named both Europe’s Leading Resort Villas in 2017 & Greece’s Leading Hotel in 2017 by the World Travel Awards.

The spa follows the Chenot method, which is based on holistic thinking, and treatments are meant to detoxify both body and mind. It is made up of four departments: Medical, Aesthetic, Wellness, and Hydro Biontology (using water temperature and pressure to stimulate circulation and the lymphatic system). Treatments can be adjusted to suit the needs and desires of each individual guest.


The facilities include outdoor and indoor pools, a sauna, a hammam, twelve therapy rooms, and eight rooms for mud and wet treatments. It is recommended to stay for at least a few days, and who wouldn’t want to? The 3-7 day health and wellbeing programs provide the ultimate pampering experiences during your stay at the hotel.

ELOUNDA HOTEL & VILLAS, Elounda, Crete, Tel: (+30) 28410.63000. Open April-October. Therapies from 40€.

Canaves Oia Spa, Canaves Oia Hotel

Named Europe’s Best Luxury Boutique Spa in 2017 by the Luxury Spa Awards, the luxurious spa facilities at the Canaves Oia Hotel may be small, but cover all aspects of wellness. And the hotel itself has everything you expect from a luxury hotel in Santorini; breathtaking views of the caldera, white-washed walls, and infinity pools.

The spa is housed in a 17th century wine cave, and while it has obviously been renovated to suit the needs of a modern spa, the character of the space has been preserved. It features a Rasul bath, treatment rooms, an outdoor massage space with a sea view, a sauna, and a gym. Services include massage treatments, facials, hands and feet treatments, Rasul (Arabic bath) rituals, beauty treatments, and three “exclusive rituals”.


They are possibly most famous for the Rasul bath treatments, where they use either three different types of freshly prepared mineral mud, or freshly blended fruit extracts and herbs.

CANAVES OIA SPA, Santorini, Tel: (+30) 22860.71453. Open March-October. Therapies from 65€.

Costa Navarino Anazoe Spa 

This spa was named World’s Best Luxury Eco Spa, Southern Europe’s Best Luxury Destination Spa, and Southern Europe’s Best Luxury Golf Resort Spa at the Luxury Spa Awards in 2017. Not to mention, the hotel received the Responsible Tourism Award for Europe in 2017, by World Travel Awards.

Ancient Greek healing philosophies and cutting-edge techniques embrace guests in a curative, restorative and relaxing experience at Anazoe, a spa whose name comes from the Greek word for rejuvenation. A broad and beautiful variety of therapies, using products from around the world and natural ingredients sourced in the fertile Messinian countryside, are accompanied by the soothing musical elements of ancient Greek modes and scales.


The 4,000 sq. meter spa is in the competent hands of certified physiotherapists. When it comes to physical well-being, Anazoe centers on the holistic approach of osteopathy, offering what the director of the spa Dora Koromila describes as “structural diagnosis and manipulative therapy” that helps to realign and relax the musculoskeletal system, meanwhile treating the guest holistically, based on Hippocratic doctrine.

As for their emotional well-being, guests are encouraged to unwind by enjoying the various Thalassotherapy treatments. Further options at Anazoe Spa include kinisiotherapy, hydrotherapy and floating pools, and indoor and outdoor treatment areas, as well as an extensive range of light therapies and heat treatments, including the use of ice-grotto rooms, mist showers and herbal saunas.

The most in-demand therapies to date are Anazoe’s Oleotherapy® Signature Treatments. These involve pure olive oil and are based on ancient local practices inscribed on clay tablets discovered at the nearby Palace of Nestor.

COSTA NAVARINO, Messinia, Tel: (+30) 27230.90100. Therapies from 60€.

I-Spa (by Asian Group), Athinaeum InterContinental Athens

Named Greece’s best Luxury Hotel Spa in 2017 at the Luxury Spa Awards, the spa at the hotel Athinaeum InterContinental, in central Athens, is a perfect place to be if you’re visiting the city for business, and need to relax between meetings.

The facilities include a sauna and a hammam, a Kneipp bath, seven treatment suites with heated ceramic beds, a twenty four-hour fitness center, an outdoor pool, and a revitalisation shower. Well-known body and face treatments such as massage, chakra healing, and body scrubs are available. For those with limited time on their hands, the “Express Spa Bliss” option consists of either a facial treatment which rejuvenates and adds radiance, or a back massage with cardamom and jasmine. All you need is half an hour to spare.


ATHINAEUM INTERCONTINENTAL ATHENS, Athens, Tel: (+30) 210.920.6580. Therapies from 20€.

Orloff Spa, Life Gallery Hotel

The Orloff Spa at the Life Gallery Hotel in the northern Athens suburb of Ekali, was named Greece’s best Luxury Boutique Spa in 2017 by the Luxury Spa Awards. The modern minimalist style of the hotel creates a luxurious contemporary backdrop for your experience.

The spa facilities include a modern wet area, a sauna, a hammam, a Jacuzzi, and a meditating room, and you can enjoy four types of facials and four types of full body massages. They also offer several themed packages. For example, the “Bachelorette Spa Party” package gives you and your company privacy in, a choice of body massage or a “Fleur de Bali” skin-diagnosis, all while providing healthy snacks for energy boosts.


LIFE GALLERY HOTEL, Ekali, Athens, Tel: (+30) 211.106.7456. Therapies from 45€. Access to the wet area from 25€.

Anatasi Spa & Wellness, Ananti City Resort

On top of a hill above the city of Trikala, with breathtaking views of the plain of Thessaly, you’ll find Ananti City Resort; home to Anatasi Spa & Wellness, which was named Greece’s Best Luxury Urban Escape in 2017 by the Luxury Spa Awards.

Featuring a heated indoor pool, a Jazuzzi, a steam room, a sauna, therapy rooms, a juice bar, and a gym, the spa has everything you could possible need to forget all about the stress of daily life. There’s a wide variety of beauty treatments and therapeutic massages to choose from, and an individually tailored consultation plan is given with each appointment. The “Chocolate Therapy” treatment is hard to say no to. The name itself promises satisfaction, and it’s said to improve wellbeing and eliminate stress.


ANANTI CITY RESORT, Trikala, Tel: (+30) 24310.63950. Therapies from 30€.

The Mountain Spa, Mikro Papigo 1700

The picturesque mountain villages of Zagorochoria are a must visit. The hotel Mikro Papigo 1700 is built as a tiny settlement, and perfectly blends into the little village for which it is named. The interior however, is comfortable and luxurious. The spa was named Greece’s Best Luxury Destination Spa in 2017 at the Luxury Spa Awards, and Luxury Hotel & Spa of the Year 2016 by the Luxury Travel Guide Plus, and the hotel itself received the Luxury Mountain Resort 2017 award by World Luxury Hotel Awards.

While the mountain air at Mikro Papigo might be enough to remove most of your stress and make you sleep like a baby, the spa facilities are too good not to take advantage of. Here, you’ll find treatment rooms, a sauna, a hammam, an indoor pool, and a Jacuzzi, and a choice of massages, facial treatments, and nail treatments. The full body package includes exfoliation, a body wrap, and an invigorating massage.


MIKRO PAPIGO 1700, Mikro Papigo, Zagorochoria, Tel: (+30) 26530.41179. Therapies from 35€ for two.

Myrthia Thermal Spa, Miraggio Thermal Spa Resort

At the tip of the Kassandra peninsula in Chalkidiki, you’ll find the spa that was named Greece’s Best Luxury Wellness Spa in 2017 by the Luxury Spa Awards. The large Miraggio Thermal Spa Resort in itself (covering 330 acres) also wins awards annually, blessed with fantastic views of the sea. The multiple award-winning resort covers 330 acres.

The Myrthia spa includes a pool area with five pools (one thalasso pool with heated sea water, and four thermal pools heated to different temperatures; one of which extends into an outdoor infinity pool), a health bar, a steam room, saunas, two sensory showers, a gym, a beauty salon, and more.


The services here include full body massages; rituals for two; fitness, relax and detox packages; facials; Greek treatments; hydro baths; beauty care; and even a kids spa menu. To get the full experience, try the “Best of Miraggio – Discovery Package”. It is a three-day package that ensures a truly holistic experience.

MIRAGGIO THERMAL SPA RESORT, Chalkidiki, Tel: (+30) 23744.40000. Open April-October. Therapies from 20€.

Thermae Sylla Spa Wellness Hotel

Named Southern Europe’s Best Luxury Mineral Spring Spa 2017 by the Luxury Spa Awards, the Thermae Sylla Spa Wellness Hotel is unlike from the rest. Located in Aidipsos, on the beautiful island of Evia (the second largest in Greece, and close enough to drive from Athens), which is an area famous for its thermal springs, this isn’t a hotel with a spa, but rather a spa with a hotel.

The spa covers 3000 sq. meters, and its main features are the pools. The two pools of the spa are filled with new water from the spa’s private natural thermal spring every day, and regulated to exactly 32 (outdoor) and 33 (indoor) degrees. It also features a gym and herbal steam rooms. The “Thermal Grotto” is filled with 80 degree steam straight from the spring. 35-40 different treatments are available at all times, and include massages, facials, mud baths, and peeling. Aside from soaking in the thermal baths, the “Oriental Rasul” treatment is among their top recommendations. It takes place in a Moroccan-style room, and pairs the power of hammam with 5 different kinds of mud.


THERMAE SYLLA SPA WELLNESS HOTEL, Aidipsos, Evia, Tel: (+30) 22260.60100. Therapies from 15€.

Dream Spa at Olympia Golden Beach Resort

Named Southern Europe’s Best Luxury Boutique Spa in 2017 by the Luxury Spa Awards, and housed in the hotel named Best Eco Friendly Resort on Global Level by the Global Hotel Awards, this is the place to be if you want to be kind to the earth and feel close to nature. Located at Kastro Kyllinis, in the western Peloponnese, the award-winning resort offers serene surroundings, beach access, and ecological dining.

The spa includes a sauna and a hammam, a heated indoor swimming pool, a spa jet tube, private treatment rooms, and a hair salon, and the treatment menu includes a number of massage rituals, spa jet treatments, and three face treatments. For something a little different, try the “Candle Massage”, which uses three different aromatic oils in wax form, meant to treat different parts of the body. Melted, their aromas are released and add to relaxation.


OLYMPIA GOLDEN BEACH RESORT, Kastro Kyllinis, Tel: (+30) 26230.95999 Open April-October. Therapies from 45€.

Award Nominees

Kinsterna Hotel Spa

Situated among vineyards, olive groves and citrus trees, and just minutes away from the sea, the Kinsterna Hotel is housed in a Byzantine mansion overlooking the historic castle rock of Monemvasia. It was nominated by World Spa Awards for the title of Greece’s Best Hotel Spa in 2017. Plus, the hotel was named Europe’s Best Luxury Boutique Hotel of 2017 by the Luxury Travel Guide.

This spa includes a pool area, indoor and outdoor Jacuzzis, a hammam, a Rasul bath, an ice fountain, private suites, a water jet zone, a hair salon, and relaxation areas. You’ll find treatments such as classic massages, body and face treatments, and several signature treatments on the spa menu. There are also hair services and mani/pedicures. Try the “Grape Expectations” treatment. It’s a combination of a body scrub, an anti-aging body mask, and a scalp massage. The polyphenols from seeds and skins of red grape in the mask ensure healthy, glowing skin.


KINSTERNA HOTEL, Monemvasia, Laconia, Tel: (+30) 27320.66300. Open Friday-Sunday + Holidays during the winter months. Open every day from 8 March. Therapies from 40€. Spa access from 15€.

Pomegranate Wellness Spa Hotel

The Pomegranate spa on the west coast of Chalkidiki, only half an hour from Thessaloniki, was nominated for the title of Greece’s Best Wellness Retreat at the World Spa Awards in 2017. It belongs to the five star Pomegranate Wellness Spa Hotel, surrounded by beautiful gardens by the sea.

The spa takes up 1800 sq. meters and features wonderful coastal views. It includes a lagoon style outdoor pool, an indoor seawater pool, a sauna, a hammam, a reflexology pebble bath, two Jacuzzis, an ice fountain, a Himalayan salt bath, a Rasul bath, a beauty salon, and much more, and you can enjoy holistic massages, oriental massages, treatments specifically designed for men, facial treatments, and thalassotherapy. An interesting (and kind of appetising) option is the exfoliation with vanilla, brown sugar, and honey in the Byzantine hammam, meant to stimulate all your senses.


POMEGRANATE WELLNESS SPA, Chalkidiki, Tel: (+30) 23730.43070 Open April-October. Therapies from 45€.

The Elounda Spa and Thalassotherapy at Blue Palace

Nominated by the World Spa Awards for the title of Greece’s Best Resort Spa in 2017, the ingredients used at this spa could be sourced from the kitchen cabinet of any Greek household: honey, extra virgin olive oil, Cretan raki, wild herbs and sugar. Blue Palace, however, manages to work wonders, using these simple local products in a highly sophisticated way, adding pure essential oils to create their effective and enjoyable signature treatments.

The spa’s environment, too, plays its part: your senses are stimulated by streams of sunlight, the sound of running water and textures and shades that reflect the natural landscapes of Crete. Here, there is something for everyone: a couple’s suite where privacy-lovers can enjoy luxurious respite; the late-night spa pampering program, for those who need to relax after a demanding day; one-day rituals that rejuvenate guests completely; and weekly classes such as aquatic watsu, prenatal yoga, basic pilates and even boxing.


Apart from offering beautifying treats such as the “Ariadne Beauty Ritual” (named after the daughter of King Minos and based on ancient health and beauty practices), the spa also helps guests suffering from chronic or ordinary aches and pains by offering them its Medical Massage, an intense rub-down during which pressure is applied to muscles and bones, releasing metabolic waste and boosting circulation, and which concludes with the application of a special analgesic ointment.

“Most of our clients suffer from back, neck and shoulder muscular pain or stress, and all the treatments from our Ultimate Massage Collection are ideal for releasing tension and restoring vitality to the body,” says Spa Manager Babis Egglezakis. “For weight loss and muscle or joint healing, we recommend any of our pleasurable and remedial Thalassotherapy Collection treatments.” 

ELOUNDA SPA AND THALASSOTHERAPY, Blue Palace,  Blue Palace, Elounda, Crete, Tel: (+30) 28410.65660. Open April-October. Prices available with the treatment menu which is updated each year.

Thalaspa Chenot – Grand Resort Lagonissi

The Thalaspa Chenot was nominated in the Greece’s Best Resort Spa category at the World Spa Awards in 2017. Meanwhile, the resort itself received two very prestigious titles at the World Travel Awards, namely World’s Leading Meetings & Conference Hotel 2017, and Europe’s Leading Luxury Wedding Resort 2017. Enjoying an island-like setting on the Athenian Rivera, it has uninterrupted views of the Saronic Gulf from the spa facilities.

The power of water and elements of nature are used to detoxify, purify, and to stimulate your senses through traditional methods, and Chenot Biontology treatments. The “Hydro-Aromatherapy” treatment uses essential oils in a hydro massage bath, where variations in temperature and pressure of the hydro massage help remove toxins and fat deposits from the skin.


GRAND RESORT LAGONISSI, Athens, Tel: (+30) 22910.76000. Open April-October. Hydro biontology treatments from 55€. Other therapies from 150€.

Out of the Blue Capsis Elite Resort

Nominated for the title of Greece’s Best Wellness Retreat by the World Spa Awards in the 2017, this spa at the Out of the Blue Capsis Elite Resort, close to Irakleio, on the island of Crete, includes a heated hydro-therapy pool, massage rooms, a sauna, a hammam, a jet shower room, a health bar, and a lot more. The resort resides on its own private peninsula, providing privacy and a sense of being far away from daily life, and is surrounded by a beautiful botanical garden and sea views.

Natural, environmentally-friendly products are used for all relaxation, massage, slimming, and anti-aging treatments. For the ultimate pampering experience, choose the “Body Sculpting Gold Package” by Valmont, which slims and firms the body, and is the most luxurious of their packages.


OUT OF THE BLUE CAPSIS ELITE RESORT, Heraklion, Crete, Tel: (+30) 28108.11112. Open April-October. Therapies from 30€.

Aldemar Royal Mare Thalasso

This spa was nominated for two titles at the World Spa Awards 2017 (Greece’s Best Wellness Spa and Greece’s Best Resort Spa). Greece’s first Thalasso/Spa Center, this 4000 sq. meter wellness paradise, which opened in 1997, welcomes up to 200 guests per day and is rated as one of the top 10 of its kind worldwide. “Our key focus is to be innovative at all times, rather than imitating others,” says Spa Manager Apostolos Rizos. “Some of our most advanced treatments are the Innovzen Breath Concept, our Ritual Detox, the Affusion Watermass and the Four-finger Lifting Massage.” A luminous and luxurious environment that instantly seduces guests into letting go of all their tensions, the spa has 50 individual treatment rooms, four swimming pools and a large beauty center. It is decorated with mosaics and offers a dream-like atmosphere set against a “Big Blue” backdrop. At Aldemar Royal Mare, the sea theme reigns supreme, with many treatments involving hydro-jet pressure and curative seaweed or mud wraps.

There is also a focus on bolstering the immune system. “With treatments like Vein Tone Vitality Program and Elixir Vertebral Program, combined with our hydrotherapy rituals, we effectively address physical problems and the discomfort they cause,” Rizos says. For emotional and mental wellbeing, the spa/thalasso center pampers its guests with sensual and pacifying aromatherapy and Ayurvedic therapies and programs that help guests reconnect with their inner self, including the Breath Revive program and the two-day “Absolute Serenity” treatment. The center, which offered highly customized care to cosmonauts Anton Shkaperlov (2015) and Yuri Malenchenko (2016), prides itself on the multitude of medical benefits that its waters and specialized treatments can offer to treat a whole host of conditions, from rheumatism, arthritis and blood circulation to insomnia, backache and cellulite.


ALDEMAR ROYAL MARE THALASSO, Limenas Hersonissou, Crete, Tel: (+30) 28970.27340. Open March-October. Therapies from 29€.

The Lesante Luxury Hotel & Spa

Nominated by the World Spa Awards in the 2017 Best Hotel Spa category for Greece, the Lesante spa enjoys a perfect location by the sea, in the village of Tsivili on the gorgeous island of Zakynthos. The spa facilities include an indoor heated pool and a Jacuzzi, four massage rooms and one suite, a sauna, a hammam, an adventure shower, and a fitness center.

Over twenty different wellness and beauty treatments and many packages (including a couple’s package) are available. Notable is the luxurious facial firming treatment with caviar, which smoothes out wrinkles and prevents dark circles around the eyes.


THE LESANTE LUXURY HOTEL & SPA, Tsivili, Zakynthos, Tel: (+30) 26950.41330. Therapies from 30€.

GB Spa, Grande Bretagne Hotel

At the hotel that was named Greece’s Leading Conference Hotel in 2017 at the World Travel Awards, the GB Spa (nominated for the title Greece’s Best Hotel Spa in 2017 by the World Spa Awards), is a popular city choice. When it first opened its doors to hotel guests and the wider public in 2003, it gained an immediate reputation as the capital’s most luxurious wellness paradise, and it has retained its standing as one of the most impressive spas in Greece, with absolutely flawless standards, stunning facilities and unparalleled treatments.

“Following the true meaning of the word ‘spa,’ which derives from the Italian ‘salute per aqua’ meaning ‘health with water’, our ozone and oxygen-rich swimming pool with thick sea salt that’s brimming with mineral elements immediately whisks guests away from the intense stress of urban life,” says Spa Manager Anne Speck. Guests are encouraged to enjoy steam and water experiences one hour before treatments, and to spend at least 5-15 minutes in the various steam rooms, such as the Amethystos Grotto, which has walls covered in amethyst crystal mosaics and air infused with the aroma of eucalyptus, or the Herbal Suite, in which local, seasonal herbs are steamed to release their curative aromatic essences.


“Basing our therapies on the use of top-quality ESPA products, we have created a series of treatments for all tastes and conditions,” says Speck, adding that their most popular therapy is the Balinese massage, which focuses on the back, shoulders, face and scalp – areas of the body commonly knotted with tension among high-flying hotel guests and stressed-out city folk alike.

GB Spa’s two Ayurvedic therapies, each two hours long, encourage a profound rebalancing and regeneration of the mind and the spirit. These therapies use exotic sensual floral essences infused into cold-pressed sesame oil, and massage on the marma points (mini chakras as defined in ancient Indian medicine). For instant beautification results, Speck suggests the Signature GB facial, based on the use of Japanese Kobido massage and innovative prickly pear products, as well as the Regenerating Mask Treatment by Valmont, which offers a “biological lift” using a 100% collagen mask.

GRANDE PRETAGNE HOTEL, Syntagma Square, Athens, Tel: (+30)210.333.0799 / 772. Therapies from 60€.

The Spa at Danai Beach Resort & Villas

Nominated for the title of Greece’s Best Resort Spa in 2017 at the World Spa Awards, with wonderful surroundings with lush Mediterranean gardens on one side, and the Aegean Sea on the other, at the Danai Beach Resort & Villas in Sithonia, Chalkidiki, the setting for this spa looks a lot like paradise.

It features massage rooms, a nail spa, the “trilogy room” with a reflexology bed, and a relaxation room with an indoor pool and heated stone stretchers. Services include Ayurvedic, Thai and Shiatsu massage, facials, reflexology, and beauty treatments. If you want to really indulge, choose the “Danai Luxury Spa Package”: a five day program for the whole body, including a body scrub with fruit mousse, a bath with aromatic oils, a pampering body mask, hand massage, foot treatment, and more.


DANAI BEACH RESORT & VILLAS, Sithonia, Chalkidiki, Tel: (+30) 23750.20400 – 2. Therapies from 65€.

Divani Apollon Spa & Thalasso Center

Nominated for two titles at the 2017 World Spa Awards (Greece’s Best Hotel Spa & Greece’s Best Wellness Retreat), the program named #DivineYou reveals a great deal about the philosophy of this spa and thalassotherapy center, which provides its guests with tailor-made treatments that holistically address their every need. Cutting-edge technology (with machines such as the Hypoxi, the Vacunaut and the i-Lipo) is used to enhance programs such as body sculpting and weight loss. This is done in combination with the use of a range of Symmetria products created by Dr Nikos Metaxotos. The suite of massage therapies include those based on Eastern health philosophies, with treatments such as Thai massage, reflexology and head massage, and there’s also an extensive range of meditation and yoga classes, especially idyllic in summer when they are held on the hotel’s private beach at sunset or sunrise.

Housed in a space with warm earth tones and marble-covered walls, with individual cabins featuring natural wood elements, the spa prides itself on its well-trained staff (they attend Thalgo and St Barth seminars every year) and their ability to provide tailored care for each guest. One of the most attractive wellness features at the spa is the Thalassotherapy Pool, which Spa Manager George Notopoulos describes as unique: “At 270m2, it is the largest of its kind in Greece, with 16 different areas with water jets.” Guests are offered fresh homemade lemonade, green tea and antioxidant “vitamin water” with cucumber, lemon and blueberries as they receive therapies and savor the tranquil environment and opulent atmosphere.


DIVANI APOLLON SPA & THALASSO CENTER, Aghiou Nikolaou, Vouliagmeni, Tel: (+30) 210.891.1100. Therapies from 50€. Access to various facilities from 40€.

Six Senses Spa, Porto Elounda Gold & Spa Resort

The Immot Detox Program at Six Senses Spa (a chain with outstanding branches around the world) was recognized as the most progressive of its kind in the world in 2015 by Conde Nast Traveler, and the Six Senses Spa was nominated for two titles at the World Travel Awards in 2017 (Greece’s Best Hotel Spa and Greece’s Best Resort Spa).

Leading a dynamic staff of healers, occupational therapists, fitness and wellness instructors, aestheticians and physiotherapists, Porto Elounda Spa Manager Elli Soumaki says that “our vision, now more than ever is to help people reconnect with themselves and others in the world around them.” How does Six Senses Spa achieve this daunting challenge? “We combine treatments that benefit the mind, body and soul of our guests, using both ancient and cutting-edge techniques,” she says. “One of our diagnostic tools for 2017 will be Fusionetics, a system that monitors and analyzes movement and fitness levels, while physiotherapy, body alignment, respiratory techniques, fascia and Bowen therapies are all elements of our programs as well.”


The spa has even created a preventive healthcare package called Olous, to be launched in 2017, which will include check-ups and pain-free diagnostics based on the latest in health technology. Meanwhile, yoga aficionados can enjoy a yoga detox program that combines physical exercise with meditation, breath regulation (pranayama) and a balanced Ayurvedic diet. If guests simply wish to relax and be pampered, Soumaki recommends the most popular therapies – from signature massages and Subtle Energies Aromatherapy to the Abhyang Fusion and the Apivita Queen Bee Facial.

All this pampering magic takes place in a gorgeous space that has won several awards for its Zen-like aesthetics that manage both to reflect the local surroundings (via the use of wood, stone and glass), and to offer profound serenity. Make sure to spend time relaxing in the tepidarium area, where the water element rules so completely that you can even enjoy its presence in the quasi-skylight water pond overhead.

PORTO ELOUNDA GOLF & SPA RESORT, Elounda, Crete, Tel: (+30) 28410.68000. Open April-October. Therapies from 30€.

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