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Taratsa International Film Festival

August 22nd- August 26th

For the fifth year, rooftops around downtown Thessaloniki are transformed into screening rooms under the stars at this unique festival. See short films from International creators in the “Wide Lens” screenings, from Greek creators in the “Greek Scene”, and Student creators in “Student Angle” as well as selections from the Thessaloniki International Shirt Film Festival. Parallel screenings and events complete the program. Nightly screenings at Bios Athens share a taste of the festival in the capital.

For more information and tickets, please check here.


At sites around the city, August 26th

The Ephorate of Antiquities of the City of Thessaloniki and the Archaeological Museum of Thessaloniki welcome the August full moon with a variety of cultural events, and the special opportunity to enjoy the archaeological sites by moonlight.

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Three voices, Thousands of Kilometers

Archaeological Museum of Thessaloniki garden, August 26th 21:30

On the occasion of the August full moon, the voices of Areti Ketime, Evi Siamanta, and Pano Zoi present a musical journey from the east to the west through the traditional music of various cultures. A seven piece orchestra, under the direction of Sophia Natsiou, composer of the program, accompanies them.

Admission Free.

Opening: “Archaeology & Me”

Archaeological Museum of Thessaloniki, May 29th (opening 21.30) through August 31

Within the framework of the European project “NEARCH- New scenarios for a community involved archaeology,” this exhibition addresses the role of archaeology in the context of a broader community perspective. The Aristotle University of Thessaloniki and the Archaeological Museum of Thessaloniki invite us to share our own images of archaeology at this exhibition which seeks to answer the question of what archaeology means to the greater community: “What is Archaeology? An adventure? A pain in the neck? The appeal of the past, the magic of marvelous sites? The boredom of a dusty museum? Probably all of these together, and still more.” Anyone who has been to the AMTH or any of Greece’s splendid museums knows archaeology is not dusty, and certainly not dull- but investigating these and other questions should make for a lively exchange of ideas.

Street Mode Festival

Fix Open-Air, August 30 – September 2,

Street Mode- the festival celebrating street culture through art, dance, sports, and of course music, is now in its 10th year. By day, there will be parkour and free running, skateboarding, longboarding, and BMX. See break dance, street dance, and MC battles, and some of the best local and European street and graffiti artists at work. With six stages, over the four nights, you’ll have the chance to see over 100 bands. Highlights include Therapy?, Planet of Zeus, Dub Inc, and Locomondo, among many.

For a full program of events and presale locations, please check here.

Cinema with a View

Thessaloniki Concert Hall, M2 (Rooftop), Mondays – Thursdays, June 11 – July 19 (screenings at 21:30) and August 27 – September 13 (screenings at 21:00). The Thessaloniki International Film Festival celebrates summer with a selection of popular recent films of quality. It’s a great opportunity to catch films you may have missed the first time around, while enjoying evening breezes off the Thermaikos. You can check the full program and purchase tickets in advance here. All films are screened in their original language, with Greek subtitles.

Thessaloniki. Costakis Collection. Restart.

The State Museum of Contemporary Art, Moni Lazariston, June 29th – September 16th

The State Museum of Contemporary art is home to one of the most complete collections of Russian avant-garde art outside of Russia itself. This is thanks to the visionary collector George Costakis, who assembled the collection in the USSR during the second half of the 20th C. He confronted the challenging climate of the pre-perestroika years, and rescued many works from destruction. The exhibition seeks to re-examine the works through the prism of the collector’s personality, while also placing the works in the larger context of a philosophical and political vision, and the dynamic role art played in it. The exhibition gives a full picture of the evolution of the Russian avant-garde: the museum’s collection- including paintings, works on paper, agit porcelain, industrial design- is presented for the first time as a complete whole. Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, 10:00 – 18:00, Thursday 10:00 – 22:00. Admission is 4. Kolokotroni Street 21, Moni Lazariston, Stavroupoli

Opening: “Kostas Loustas New York”

Macedonian Museum of Contemporary Art, Friday, June 8, 20:00 through September 16th, 2018 The Greek painter Kostas Loustas spent a productive and meaningful decade in New York from 1962 – 1972. In the context of the 83rd Thessaloniki International Fair in September 2018, at which the USA will be the honored nation, an exhibition of Loustas’ works from this period share his vision of the American metropolis. The painter’s relationship with the city is explored through urban landscapes, scenes of everyday life, still lifes, and portraiture. Among the works presented, his “Broadway” series reveals in particular his expressionistic style, the influence of European currents, as well as that of his Greek instructors. The works are exhibited alongside the artist’s personal effects, correspondence, articles and other contemporary materials. A press release of the era praises the depth of understanding in his works: “Mr. Loustas has painted America’s bridges, buildings, streets and workers in such an astonishing way, that he has revealed the basic psyche of the world’s most complex city.” (Director of the Saldinger Gallery, press release, New York, September 1964). Egnatia 154

Greek Body Overlays

Archaeological Museum of Thessaloniki, to September 30

The American artist and photographer Gerald Pryor, professor of photography at New York University Stenhardt, creates an intriguing dialogue by synthesizing images of his own body with works of Ancient Greek Art. The exhibition is curated by the New York based professor of Philosophy of Art, Thalia Vrachopoulos.

Into the Vortex of the Great War: Thessaloniki of the Armée d’Orient (1915 – 1918)

Museum of Byzantine Culture, Hall of temporary exhibitions “Eftychia Kourkoutidou-Nikolaidou”, to September 30

A turbulent and transformative era in the life of the city is presented from the perspectives of foreign soldiers who served in the Armée d’Orient. Starting in 1915, hundreds of thousands of Allied soldiers were quartered in the suburbs of Thessaloniki. Their photographs, paintings, and literary representations give us a broad perspective of their impressions. Chief among the exhibits is the architectural rendering of the ultimately unrealized upper portion of Aristotelous Square by the architect and urban planner Ernest Hébrard, who served in the Armée d’Orient. The exhibition is presented in conjunction with the 6th Thessaloniki Biennale of Contemporary Art, organized by the State Museum of Contemporary Art.

Photo Exhibit: “From Excavation to Exhibition”

Archaeological Museum of Thessaloniki,  May 29th (opening 20:00) – October 31 The Association of Employees of the Ministry of Culture and Athletics of Northern Greece, with the participation of the Ephorate of Antiquities of Magnesia and Kozanis, has organized the exhibition as part of a series of events entitled “The workers of culture in society.” Through a series of photographs, the themes of protection, preservation, and highlighting of archaeological sites and monuments is explored.

ELECTRA”-A comedy based on the various stage versions of the tragedy Electra

Theater of the Society for Macedonian Studies, Tuesday 3rd July, 21.15 Electra gets her brother to help her kill their mother, who got her lover to help her kill her husband (who needed no help whatsoever to sacrifice his eldest daughter so the winds would carry his fleet off to war). In the end, all that’s left for Electra is a dance to death. Surtitles in English & Greek Age rating: 12 years and over. Part of the 2nd International Forest Festival, organized by National Theater of Northern Greece. Get your tickets here.

1917: Monuments in Flames

Bey Hamam, to December 31 In the front room of the Bey Hamam is an exhibition on the great fire of 1917 and its aftermath. In the back room, there is a detailed history of Agios Dimitrios- church of the city’s patron saint, as well as a fascinating account of its restoration after the fire. The exhibition itself is informative and interesting, but the surprise is the space- the 15th Bey Hamam, or Paradise Baths, which survived the fire and was in use until the 1960’s, is a delight to see.


Egnatia 84 (southeast corner of the park) Open daily, 10:00 – 13:00. Admission is free.

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