10 Reasons to Visit the Sporades

The Sporades islands, famed for their lush landscapes, turquoise coves, and traditional charm, are ideal for serene summer getaways.


In the deep end

On the western side of Skiathos, the islets of Arkos and Repi, with their shallow waters and few currents, offer ideal conditions for inexperienced divers. Discover beautiful reefs, swim through seagrass and corals and try to recognize the many different fish. If you are interested in exploring the waters of Skiathos, contact Panagiotis Diolettas at the Skiathos Diving Center (Tel. (+30) 697.708.1444). 

Quiet days at Aselinos

Tucked away in a small bay at the northern end of Skiathos, the beach of Mikri Aselinos can be accessed via a small trail that is rugged, and requires appropriate footwear and a good degree of physical fitness. The reward, however is worth it. The beach has thick sand, clear waters and peculiar rock formations. The beach is organized, but there is enough room to set up your own beach towel and umbrella. 


Pilgrimage to the island of Kyra Panagia

On Kyra Panagia, an island that has been inhabited since 6000 BC, lies the Monastery of the Annunciation, a glebe that belongs to the Monastery of Great Lavra of Mount Athos that dates back to the start of the 13th century AD. Access is possible only by boat. The island belongs to the National Marine Park of Alonissos Northern Sporades for the protection of the critically endangered Mediterranean monk seal (Monachus monachus).

Endless blue waters

On the northeastern side of the island of Alonnisos, between the beaches of Strovili and Lalarias, the Blue Cave can be accessed only by sea. Excursion boats depart daily, or you can use your own boat to visit the cave and admire its clear blue waters.

Nature walks


Alonnisos is perfect for those who love to hike. The more experienced ones hike through the canyon of Kastania or trek to the top of Aghios Konstantinos, while those who prefer more relaxed paths hike along the trails that overlook the beaches below, like the one at Leftos Gialos beach. For information on tours and tour guides you can contact the local team at Albedo Travel ([email protected], Tel. (+30) 24240.658.05).


Lobster pasta at Stamatia

With a view of Pefkos Beach, you will enjoy the most delicious lobster pasta that you can find on Skyros, expertly prepared by Mrs Stamatia (Tel. (+30) 697.255.8232). The pasta is perfectly boiled and the lobster is soft and cooked to perfection, while the red sauce adds to the overall taste. Lobster can be fished only between the months of May and September, which is when you will find it fresh in the stores and restaurants. It is also worth trying the olive oil pie and meatballs that Mrs Stamatia prepares fresh every day.

Olive oil pie for breakfast

Olive oil pie is the island’s favorite delicacy and no one makes it better than Mrs Maria (Tel. (+30) 22220.926.66). In her small shop that is located in a small alley in the island’s capital Chora, she opens the phyllo when an order is placed, she adds local Skyros xinotyri cheese and fries it in olive oil until the dough turns a golden color and becomes puffy and crispy. There is no better breakfast.


Gourmet street food

At Ditropo, the modern canteen Skopelos Experience (Tel. (+30) 693.706.8251) serves delicious street food that you can enjoy on its wooden benches. The canteen uses vegetables that it grows in its own garden and, mainly, local products. Under the shade of the trees, enjoy homemade chicken gyros, wild mushrooms, tuna sandwiches, yoghurt with their homegrown sour cherries, and a glass or two of organic wine. If you have children, the canteen also has farm animals that the kids will absolutely love. 

The famous Skopelos plums

Thanasis Grypiotis is a third-generation farmer who grows Skopelos’ famous plums, renowned for their thick skin, rich flavor, and many health benefits. Thanasis produces dried organic plums on his farm in Kalogiros (tel. (+30) 694.740.2221), noted for their mature, balanced sweetness as a result of the island’s climate and soil conditions. Here, plums grow with the salinity of the sea. 

Free and beautiful


Fine pebbles, deep waters, pine trees that extend all the way to the water’s edge and a quiet, peaceful environment. This is the setting at Velanio Beach, which, since 2012, has been officially characterized a nudist beach. To get to Velanio, continue past Stafylos Beach and the beach bar that is located at the first half of the beach. Find a spot on the pebbles after the rocks and dive in its serene waters.

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