60 Guest Houses in Greece for the Perfect Winter Getaway (Map Included!)

From Thrace to the Peloponnese, our comprehensive list of guest houses for that perfect winter escape caters to all tastes and budgets.

UP TO €80

Orologopoulos Mansion, Kastoria

For lovers of tradition, this listed 19th-century mansion is an ideal choice for accommodation in Doltso, the most picturesque neighborhood of Kastoria. Lovingly transformed into a boutique hotel with ornate ceilings, abundant natural light and striking artistic quality, it is able to accommodate up to 22 guests in nine spacious rooms, all dressed in wood and stone.


1 Picheon, Doltso Square, Kastoria, tel. (+30) 24670.216.04, 6932.447.825, orologopoulos.gr, from €80 per double room with breakfast.

To Archontiko, Xanthi

The stone-built Archontiko encapsulates all the coziness of an inviting village home, surrounded by a beautiful garden with fir, walnut and linden trees. Pet-friendly and ideal for families or groups of friends, it comprises one family suite for four persons on the ground floor and two double rooms on the upper floor. Each floor is independent and has its own lounge with fireplace and kitchen. Adventure seekers can choose from a range of activities, including hiking and horse riding.

Stavroupoli, tel. (+30) 6936.512.162, toarchontiko.gr, from €75 per double room.

Agios Germanos traditional hotel, Florina

In the village of Agios Germanos, just 7 km from the Prespes lakes, this snug hotel has ten rooms emanating homely warmth to the crackle of a lit fireplace. Hiking, mountain climbing, bird watching, boating and kayaking are among the activities through which guests can discover the unique natural beauty of the region, its traditional villages and fascinating Byzantine monuments.

Agios Germanos, Prespes, tel. (+30) 23850.451.397, 6982.533.030, prespa.com.gr, from €55 per double room with breakfast.

Viglatoras, Serres

Once an inn on the road taken by caravans travelling from Constantinople to Monastiri, the traditional Viglatoras guest house stands in the heart of the village Ano Poroia, with a view over Lake Kerkini and the verdant valley. Its eight rooms with modern comforts have the look and feel of an old mansion, furnished and decorated with antiques found in the village. In the comfortable lounge, with its fireplace, woven wool fabrics and intriguing decorative objects, you will travel back in time, enjoying homemade delicacies and infusions of local herbs. For breakfast, you will savor homemade pies and cakes, marmalades and pastries made from ingredients grown by the owner’s family.

Ano Poroia, tel. (+30) 23270.512.31, 6944.455.234, viglatorashotel.com, from €70 per double room with breakfast.

Chateaux Constantin, Serres


Created with love and care, as well as genuine respect for the environment, the Chateaux is located in the village of Agistro, which is celebrated for its thermal springs. It has 10 traditionally furnished and decorated bedrooms, seven of which have a classic wood burning stove for that extra cozy touch. Breakfast is served in your room at the time you wish, while for other meals there is the Don Pablo Restaurant, offering home-cooked cuisine and delicious pasta dishes made to the owner’s own recipes. In line with its eco-philosophy, the hotel operates in an energy-efficient manner, making optimum use of photocell switches, energy-saving light bulbs in communal areas, and flow regulators on bathroom taps.

Agistro, tel. (+30) 23230.411.80, (+30) 6974.780.751, toarchontikotoukosti.gr, from €50 for a double room with breakfast.

1905 Boutique Hotel, Xanthi

From the wall and ceiling paintings inside, to the cobbled alleys outside, everything harks back to the early 20th century and the Belle Epoque era. Accommodation is offered in six bedrooms in three categories: deluxe, medium suite, and grand suite, each of which comprise two rooms, all furnished in the neoclassical style. Breakfast is served in a specially designed space on the ground floor.

3-5 Hassirzoglou, Xanthi Old Town, tel. (+30) 25410.773.62, 1905.gr, from €80 for a deluxe room with breakfast.

Chorostasi Mansion, Halkidiki


This welcoming guest house is located in the traditional settlement of Arnaia, at the foot of Mt. Holomon. It is housed in a lovingly restored mansion dating to 1896, which has retained its authentic character and comprises six elegantly and fully equipped rooms. Here, the day begins with a hearty breakfast and often continues with one of the ‘Aristotelian Walks’ available in the area (Aristotle was born in the ancient city of Stagira, just 20 minutes from Arnaia).

Arnaia, tel. (+30) 23720.221.02, chorostasi.com, from €60 for a double room with breakfast.

Souliotis Mansion, Larissa

A traditional guest house standing next to the square in the village of Metaxochori, at the foot of Mount Kissavos, between courtyards and streams. Souliotis is a beautifully restored 19th-century mansion with seven stylishly decorated rooms – six in the main building and one junior suite in the old ‘Damy,’ the stable – all featuring a harmonious combination of wood and local stone. After enjoying a delicious breakfast, guests can choose from activities ranging from pottery lessons and historical guided tours to canoeing in the Peneus estuary.

Metaxochori, Agia, tel. (+30) 24940.220.40, 6949.199.657, souliotismansion.com, from €79 for a double room with breakfast.

Ligeri, Trikala


Located in the center of the village of Elati, Ligeri Hotel is a two-story building constructed in the style of a traditional stone house. The hotel has 13 rooms and suites with elegant, rustic décor and serves a fine breakfast with pure, local ingredients in the attractive lounge with fireplace.

Elati, tel. (+30) 24340.714.54, ligerihotel.gr, from €60 for a double room with breakfast.

Guest House Sotiriou – Petrino, Trikala

At the foot of the towering rocks of Meteora, the striking building that today houses the Petrino guest house has in the past served as a tailor’s, a butcher’s, a barber’s and the village grocery. It now offers accommodation in five rooms, one of which has been specially designed for disabled persons. In winter, breakfast is served beside the fireplace in the stone basement once used as a cellar. Here, guests will savor homemade village pies, traditional bread, pastries, jams and frumenty, as well as local fruit and vegetables straight from the garden.

Mesochori, Kastraki, Meteora, tel. (+30) 24320-78105, (+30) 6932-625389, petrino.gr, from €80 for a double room with breakfast.

Robolo Boutique Hotel, Pieria

In the center of Litochoro at the foot of Mt. Olympus, the hotel is housed in a listed, stone building in the Macedonian architectural style, which dates to 1883 and once belonged to a wealthy family of local merchants. It has five rooms in different color schemes, featuring handmade, solid wood floors, painted ceilings and stylishly designed bathrooms, which create a romantic and tranquil setting. Every morning, the owners serve a delicious homemade breakfast, after which they are more than happy to help you organize activities in nature, from forest picnics to canyoning, but also in the hotel, including relaxing massage sessions in the comfort of your room.

Nikou Lappa 5, Litochoro, tel. (+30) 23523.067.15, from €80 for a double room with breakfast.

Archontiko Zarifi 1716, Magnesia


The guest house is located in Agios Lavrentios, one of the most picturesque and well-preserved villages of Pelion. The building in which it is housed, known locally as the home of Zarifi, was constructed in the early 18th century and is one of the few remaining examples of this type of architecture, namely a large fortified stone residence built on three levels, with openings for firing guns and a projecting upper wooden story. With three rooms and two suites, it can accommodate up to 18 guests, which also makes it a great choice for large groups. Amenities include an inviting bar and an attractive dining room with hand-carved stone fireplace, where guests can enjoy a hearty breakfast, homemade sweets, a shot of tsipouro, or even a delicious meal.

Aghios Lavrentios, Pelion, tel. (+30) 24280.960.02, (+30) 6947.693.030, 1716.gr, from €70 for a double room with breakfast.

Gaia Guesthouse, Ioannina

Located in Dilofo, one of the best-preserved villages of Zagori, this stone-built guest house with seven rooms operates in a mansion dating to 1886, carefully restored with only minimal interventions so as to retain its original character. The name, Gaia, was inspired by the natural materials used in the building’s construction. In cooperation with experienced mountain guides, the guesthouse owners and staff will help you choose and organize a range of outdoor activities.

Dilofo, tel. (+30) 26530.225.70, (+30) 6944.885.218, gaia-dilofo.gr, from €80 for a double room with breakfast.

Oikioperiigitis, Serres

Located in the village of Kerkini with its small lakeside harbor, this is one of the oldest ecotourism facilities in Macedonia. It comprises two independent accommodation units: the three-star Oikoperiigitis hotel and the Arhontiko guest house, with a total of 20 traditionally furnished rooms and suites, some with fireplace. In the Ydrogaia restaurant, where dishes are cooked in a traditional wood-fired oven, guests can savor specialties such as Dutch-oven roasted buffalo. In addition to local sightseeing tours, activities include canoeing and boat tours on Lake Kerkini, hiking and birdwatching.

Lake Kerkini, tel. (+30) 23270.414.50, oikoperiigitis.gr, from €65 for a double room with breakfast.

Vasiliki Guesthouse, Evia

At the entrance to the village of Steni in Evia, Vasiliki has 15 rooms with different styles of furnishing and a fireplace, as well as balconies affording wonderful views of the amazing mountain landscape or the village. After a sumptuous breakfast featuring local products, guests can venture out to discover the natural beauty of the surrounding area. Steni offers many choices for lunch and dinner at restaurants that are just a few minutes’ walk from the guesthouse.

Steni, tel. (+30) 22280.515.83, vasilikiguesthouse.gr, from €80 for a double room with breakfast.

Iliessa, Evrytania

Nestled in the mountains in a stunning forest landscape, Iliessa (a Homeric word for a place of many trees) is a Swiss-style chalet that is an ideal destination for romantic nature lovers and anyone wishing to escape everyday routine. Built entirely from natural materials in harmony with the beautiful surroundings, it has spacious rooms with all modern comforts, a bar and a restaurant. Adventure and new experiences await as you explore the region on the wide choice of hiking trails.

Domnista, tel. (+30) 22310.255.55, (+30) 22310.225.88, zantcotel.com/iliessa, from €80 for a double room with breakfast.

Xenios, Aetolia-Acarnania

Surrounded by the peaks of the Pindus mountain range, the 13 independent chalets of Xenios (constructed entirely of Finnish logs) offer the ideal getaway from the daily grind of city life. In the stone-built Moshoula restaurant, where breakfast is served, you will also relish meals based on traditional local recipes such as wild boar stew, rooster in red-wine sauce, and pies with handmade pastry. In addition, you can order coffee, tea, sweets or a drink and enjoy them in the comfort of your chalet.

Ano Hora, Orini Nafpaktia, tel. (+30) 26340.411.11, anohora.com, from €80 for a double room with breakfast.

Astra Traditional Inn & Restaurant, Ioannina 

Astra is located in the village of Megalo Papigo and consists of four independent residences (fine examples of traditional local architecture) with a view of the vertical rock formations known as the ‘Towers’ of Astraka, as well as two double rooms. The acclaimed restaurant is open from morning till evening, offering home cooking with an emphasis on local specialties, while just two minutes away is the Sterna shop and café, where you can enjoy homemade beverages and pastries or stock up on local products such as fruit jams and spoon sweets.

Megalo Papigo, tel. (+30) 26530.421.08, astra-inn.gr, from €70 for a double room with breakfast.

Villa Rustica, Ioannina


This eco-friendly hotel is located outside the town of Konitsa, on 7.4 acres of farmland with vineyards, olive groves and fruit trees. Its eight suites, each with a fireplace and large balcony doors, which look out onto the Aoos gorge and the peak of Mt. Gamila, are all on the ground floor, affording easy access to guests with mobility problems. In the comfortable lounge with the huge fireplace, where breakfast is served, you can relax and enjoy a coffee or your drink of choice, while on weekends in November you can learn the secrets of tsipouro production at the farm’s own distillery.

Servena, Konitsa, tel. (+30) 6974.873.433, villarustica.gr, from €75 for a double room with breakfast.

Napoleon Zaglis Guest House, Ioannina

If you have been to the village of Kalarites in Tzoumerka, you are sure to be familiar with the taverna of Napoleon, a veritable time capsule frequented by colorful locals,with old shelves and a few items of grocery equipment, serving delicious traditional casserole dishes such as goat stew and pork with leeks and celery. What you may not know is that Napoleon also runs a family guest house with six spacious, rustic-style rooms (the four-person room also has a fireplace) which will make you feel snug and cozy before and after your explorations of the area.

Kalarites, Tzoumerka, tel. (+30) 26590.615.18, (+30) 6972.265.961, xenonasnapoleon.com, from €60 for a double room with breakfast.

Nefeles, Viotia

Situated just 1.4 km from the center of cosmopolitan Arachova, overlooking the stunning Pleistos valley, this guest house is certain to make you feel at home. Each of its 10 elegantly rustic rooms has a private balcony with a gorgeous view (the two attics also have a fireplace) and guests can enjoy a hearty breakfast featuring local products.

Arachova, tel. (+30) 22670.327.77, (+30) 6979.357.070, (+30) 6977.421.679, nefeles.com, from €50 for a double room with breakfast.

Rouista Tzoumerka Resort, Arta

Standing at the entrance to the Tzoumerka National Park, Rouista comprises six independent houses constructed in the traditional architectural style, with a total of 21 spacious rooms, each with a different layout and featuring an eye-catching combination of wood and stone. In the lounge with large fireplace, you can relax with a coffee, a drink, or try the homemade liqueurs and sweets, while taking in the amazing mountain view. The restaurant is open daily for a tasty breakfast and meals based on local recipes. Other facilities include an outdoor calisthenics gym, playground, basketball court and table tennis, but guests can also enjoy activities in the area ranging from hiking and kayaking to 4×4 excursions and horse riding.

Vourgareli, Tzoumerka, tel. (+30) 26850.222.00, rouista.com, from €70 for a double room with breakfast.

Hotel Princess Lanassa, Ioannina


Named after the daughter of King Agathocles of Syracuse, who married King Pyrrhus of Epirus, the hotel is housed in a beautifully restored mansion dating back 300 years. Just 25 minutes from Ioannina, it is the perfect base for exploring the amazing Tzoumerka region. The hotel offers a choice of comfortable rooms, suites and chalets, while facilities include a restaurant serving local delicacies, a lounge with fireplace, meeting rooms, outdoor swimming pool, tennis court and five-a-side soccer pitch. In cooperation with the destination management company Alpine Zone, guests can enjoy numerous activities such as skiing, rafting, hiking, jeep safari and horse riding.

Kostitsi, Tzoumerka, tel. (+30) 26590.226.00, hotellanassa.gr, from €78 for a double room with breakfast.

Traditional Rooms Alonistaina, Arcadia

The guest house is located in the traditional settlement of Alonistaina, at an elevation of 1,200 m in the heart of the forested Mainalon mountains, 22 km from Tripoli. Its wood-clad rooms have a fireplace (the suites also have a hot tub) and emanate a warm family atmosphere. In the village square, the Katapeltes restaurant serves breakfast and delicious homemade dishes, while the surrounding area is a hiker’s dream.

Alonistaina, tel. (+30) 2710.431.284, (+30) 6979.981.991, (+30) 6977.1741.22, xenonas-alonistaina.gr, from €75 for a double room.

Archontiko Kefalari, Corinthia

Housed in a building constructed in 1880 by Georgios Roumpekas, a wealthy merchant from the village of Kefalari in the mountains of Corinthia. While many of the original architectural features remain intact, every effort has been made to provide all mod cons, coupled with a commitment to sustainability evidenced by solar water heaters, energy-efficient fireplaces and wood pellet boilers. Breakfast is a treat of local products such as homemade jams, goat cheese and frumenty pie. – Eleftheria Alavanou

Kefalari, tel. (+30) 27470.222.00, arxontiko-kefalari.gr, from €60 for a double room with breakfast.

Mpelleiko Traditional Guest House, Arcadia

The guest house operates in a traditional stone building that encapsulates all the beauty of the local architectural style. The ground floor and upper floor of the old residence have a total of five bedrooms (doubles and triples, four with fireplace, three with private courtyard), while the old summer room, tastefully converted, is where breakfast is now served. In addition to a very cozy atmosphere, you will also find board games and a lending library. – Eleftheria Alavanou

Stemnitsa, tel. (+30) 27950.812.86, mpelleiko.gr, from €75 for a double room with breakfast.

FROM €85

Pindos Resort, Grevena

Standing at an elevation of 1,170 m, this mountain retreat is just 30 minutes from Grevena and 20 minutes from Metsovo. Pindos Resort offers accommodation in six elegantly furnished and decorated villas featuring a lounge with fireplace, a luxurious hot tub, and a well-equipped kitchen. At the inviting Black Pine Chalet restaurant, you can enjoy a fine dining experience and, weather permitting, choose from a variety of outdoor activities such as rafting on the Venetikos river, hiking in the Valia Calda national park, and skiing at the Vasilitsa or Metsovo ski centers.

Krania, tel. (+30) 6974.848.346, pindosresort.gr, from €110 with breakfast.

Culinary Boutique Hotel Kladi Elias, Kavala


In the picturesque village of Mesoropi, on the verdant slopes of Mount Paggaio, you will find not only elegant accommodation in four spacious suites, but also fine dining in a classic bistro with a French inspired menu and Mediterranean fusion, along with a small but eclectic list of wines and cigars. With the hotel as your base, you can set out to discover some of the many local wineries, or choose from a wide range of outdoor activities, including hiking, off-roading, horse riding and climbing.

Mesoropi, tel. (+30) 25920.932.93, (+30) 6973.306.955, kladielias.gr, from €100 for a junior suite with breakfast.

Amaryllis Boutique Guest House, Ioannina

This lovingly restored 19th-century mansion in the village of Ano Pedina, Zagori, combines traditional local architecture with all the charm of the French countryside. Walls in pastel colors, French beech wood furniture with luxurious English upholstery, and antique lighting fixtures compose the décor of the romantic eight double and triple rooms. Equally atmospheric are the communal spaces, where delicious meals and a varied breakfast made with local ingredients are served.

Ano Pedina, tel. (+30) 26530-71132, (+30) 6944-966515, amaryllishouse.gr, from €100 for a superior double room with fireplace and breakfast.

Kalderimi Country House, Magnesia

Built in 1794 in the village of Mouresi, Pelion, this two-story mansion – along with its outbuildings – has been lovingly restored and renovated. Since 2014 it has been operating as a traditional guest house, offering a warm, family atmosphere and premier accommodation in eight rooms ideal for couples, large families or groups of up to 12. Apart from the traditional breakfast, guests can enjoy a Thai massage on request, or discover Pelion through organized excursions and outdoor activities such as hiking, kayaking and horse riding.

Mouresi, Pelion, tel. (+30) 24260.494.53, (+30) 6937.188.818, kalderimihotel.gr, from €100 for a double room with breakfast.

Amanita Guest House, Magnesia


The creation of Filaretos and Marianna, who fell in love with Tsagarada in their youth, Amanita stands in the midst of a large organic garden. The guest house comprises three separate buildings with eight different accommodation options and offers a farm-to-table breakfast prepared with organically grown vegetables and fruit from the garden and items sourced from small local producers. In addition to many other winter activities, the owners propose hiking in the mountains, either on your own or accompanied by an experienced guide.

Tsagarada, Pelion, tel. (+30) 24260.497.07, amanita.gr, from €90 for a double room with breakfast.

Amfikaia, Fthiotida

The accommodation of this innovative agritourism farm comprises 16 traditional houses, most of them stone-built (and no TVs as a conscious decision). Here, you will get an unforgettable taste of agricultural life, as you help out – but only if you wish – with daily tasks on the farm, which in winter includes feeding the animals. The rest of the day can be spent relaxing in the extensive gardens, mingling with neighbors, or discovering the natural beauty of the surrounding area, for instance with hikes on the slopes of Mt. Parnassus.

Amfikleia, tel. (+30) 22340.488.60, (+30) 6977.596.196, amfikaia.gr, from €95 for a double room with breakfast.

Kellia, Laconia

This two-story residence, once the home of monks (hence the name, which means ‘cells’ in Greek), was where the famous poet Yiannis Ritsos was born. Since 1981, it has been operating as a traditional guest house and was fully renovated in 2011. It has eight rooms and one two-bedroom apartment with fireplace. A traditional breakfast prepared with quality local products is served in a specially arranged space on the ground floor.

Castle of Monemvasia, tel. (+30) 27320.615.20, keliamonemvasia.com, from €85 for a double room with breakfast.

Anemi, Ioannina

The creation of Lila and Pavlos, the farm cottage that today houses the Anemi guest house in the Kato Pedina is sure to become your own ‘village home.’ Lovingly renovated and refurbished, it comprises seven guest rooms with energy-efficient fireplaces and traditional local décor, the old kitchen, and the farm, looking out over the highlands of Zagori. The friendly, family atmosphere makes guests immediately feel at home. There is even a loom that you can try your hand at after a few minutes of instruction. Rafting, horse riding and hiking are just some of the winter activities, which your hosts will be happy to help organize.

Kato Pedina, tel. (+30) 26530.720.03, (+30) 6941.533.944, anemi-zagori.gr, from €85 for a double room with breakfast.

Hydrama Grand Hotel, Drama

This modern 5-star hotel is housed in the old Spierer tobacco warehouse in Drama and offers 73 spacious suites and rooms with stylish, contemporary décor. Facilities include an all-day café bar-cum-restaurant and an amazing wine cellar where you can taste a wide range of world-class varieties, conference rooms and a spa. The hotel will also help you organize excursions by coach or bicycle to many local attractions, including celebrated wineries.

11 Aghias Varvaras, Drama, tel. (+30) 25210.333.22, hydramagrandhotel.gr, from €110 for a double room with breakfast.

Argyriou Wine-Tasting Guest House, Fokida


The guest house is located in the village of Polydrosos on the slopes of Mt. Parnassus, in the former residence of the Argyriou family which dates back to 1867. In 2008 it was restored with respect for the architectural tradition of the village and six elegantly furnished rooms were created, offering comfort, relaxation and inspiring mountain views. During your stay you will have the chance to be introduced to the world of wine and the winemaking traditions of the wider region while tasting the different varieties of the Argyriou estate.

Polydrosos, tel. (+30) 22340.516.67, argyriouwinery.gr/ksenwnas, from €90 for a double room with breakfast.

Orizontes Tzoumerkon Hotel Resort, Ioannina

The privileged location in the foothills of Mt. Strongoula, just 1.5 km from the town of Pramanta in the unspoiled region of Tzoumerka, gives the hotel a stunning panoramic view. Its spacious rooms (superior and maisonette-style) are equipped with cast iron, wood burning stoves and have a balcony with a view of the mountain. There is a large, comfortable café and a restaurant serving both traditional and contemporary dishes. The wellness center is currently closed due to Covid-19 restrictions.

Tsopela, Pramanta, tel. (+30) 26590.610.02, orizontestzoumerkon.gr, from €104 for a double room with breakfast.

Monopatia Mountain Resort, Ioannina


This striking guest house is located in Ano Pedina in central Zagori, just 10 minutes from the spectacular Vikos Gorge. It consists of three main buildings with seven comfortable, spacious rooms, along with seven independent studios, which together comprise a small ‘village within a village.’ The studios, once old cottages that have been renovated and refurbished, are perched on different levels of one of the five hills that surround the village and have plenty of outdoor space (threshing floors in past centuries) with an amazing view. In addition to the accommodation, the owners also organize various outdoor activities with a focus on nature and culture.

Ano Pedina, tel. (+30) 26590.610.02, (+30) 6945.239.500, monopatiaresort.gr, from €95 for a double room with breakfast..

Nefeles Luxury Residences & Lounge, Arcadia

The residences stand in the midst of fir trees in a scene of alpine splendor, very close to the Mainalon ski center. All decorated in country style and earthy tones, they have a spacious living room with fireplace and large balconies. Sitting next to a blazing fire in the Nefeles Lounge, you can relax and enjoy a beverage or light meal, play board games, or simply take in the stunning mountain views.

Kardaras, tel. (+30) 27960.227.71, nefelesmainalon.gr, from €110 for a double room with breakfast.

Efharis Filoxenon, Corinthia


The guest house offers six independent lodgings – three wooden maisonettes, two stone-built suites and one studio in wood and stone – which stand amphitheatrically on the outskirts of the village of Feneos, just a short walk from the stunning beauty of Lake Doxa, providing the perfect base for exploring the mountains of Corinthia. They each have a sitting room with fireplace, large balconies with a gorgeous view, a kitchen with refrigerator and a dining area. Guests can enjoy a wide choice of beverages and a hearty homemade breakfast prepared with local organic products.

Feneos, tel. (+30) 6944.768.115, efharisfiloxenon.gr, from €100 for a double room with breakfast.

Pritanio, Laconia

Housed in three stone buildings, the 11 rooms (six with an attic) can accommodate up to 38 guests and enjoy a panoramic view of the Parnonas mountain range. The focal point of the guest house is the inviting lounge with fireplace, comfortable couches, board games and large glass windows that bathe the interior with natural light. The café-bar serves hot beverages, drinks, snacks and homemade pies. Ask for details of the nine clearly marked footpaths that begin in the center of the village and lead to caves, springs and picturesque churches.

Tsintzina (Polydroso), tel. (+30) 27310.269.82, (+30) 6974.074.340, pritanio.gr, from €100 for a double room with breakfast.

Ardamis, Laconia


This guest house once served as the governor’s residence during the period of Venetian rule and the main administration building during the Ottoman occupation, and has hosted not one but two Byzantine emperors. Some of the historic structures of the medieval walled town of Monemvasia now form part of the guest house, which today provides not only comfortable accommodation but also an intriguing link with the past. You will certainly want to sit and relax on the amazing, much-photographed patio directly overlooking the sea, frequently referred to as “The Balcony over the Mediterranean.”

Monemvasia, tel. (+30) 27320.618.86, ardamis.gr, from €85 for a double room.

Ruga of Vamvakou, Laconia

In Vamvakou, the small village undergoing a revival thanks to the initiative of a group of young people and a grant from the Stavros Niarchos Foundation, stand the three fully renovated buildings of the guest house which together form a ‘ruga’ or neighborhood. Each of the six rooms has been given a characteristic female name of Vamvakou (such as Vgena or Tsevoula) in honor of all the village housewives of the past. Designed with utmost respect for local tradition, the rooms also feature modern comforts. For breakfast, you will savor – among other delights – kagianas (scrambled eggs with tomato and feta cheese), homemade pies, and yogurt with honey and walnuts. – Lina Kapetaniou

Vamvakou, tel. (+30) 27310.219.00, rugaofvamvakou.gr, from €90 for a double room with breakfast.

Ilaeria Mountain Resort, Laconia


In a beautiful setting at an elevation of 850 m, Ilaeria is the ideal starting point for discovering the wonders of the Taygetus mountain range. The resort is more or less a village in its own right, with 17 tastefully decorated villas, houses and suites, together with a restaurant, bar, library, playground, fitness center, and a gift shop, even bicycles and picnic baskets! –Olga Charami

Toriza, tel. (+30) 27310.355.15, ilaeira-resort.gr, from €95 for a double suite with breakfast (offers available via online booking).

FROM €120

Montanema Handmade Village, Karditsa

This ‘handmade’ village is nestled in a magical landscape just a few kilometers from Lake Plastiras, in the heart of a virgin fir forest. Accommodation comes in the form of 33 apartments and suites in stone-built houses with wood interiors and tiled roofs, while particular emphasis is placed on ensuring comfort and well-being. Guests can relax in the Aquanema spa with its arched ceilings, handcrafted candle holders, fireplace and cave-like sauna, which is right next to the hammam with heated marble spa treatment benches. (All sauna and spa sessions are currently by appointment only, in line with measures for protection against Covid-19). There is also a restaurant and café-bar, while prices also include experiences such as forest hikes, cooking lessons and children’s activities.

Anthohori, Mouzaki, tel. (+30) 24450.452.20, montanema.gr, from €150 for a double room with breakfast.

Escapade Luxury Residences, Evrytania


The six luxury residences feature bioclimatic design, minimalist interiors and massive windows that allow guests to feel in close contact with the stunning natural landscape. Amenities include a rich breakfast and guests can also order meals and dinners from local restaurants, book massage or treatment sessions, and organize excursions or other activities in the area.

2nd km Karpenisi-Agrinio road, tel. (+30) 22370.231.05, escapadeluxuryresidences.com, from €250 with breakfast.

Imaret, Kavala

Housed in the late Ottoman monument of the same name, right in the center of the historical district of Kavala, Imaret has 24 rooms and suites oozing atmosphere, surrounded by inner gardens with marble archways, reflecting all the charm of classic Islamic architectural design. In the tranquil interior, guests can enjoy a leisurely breakfast, light meals, afternoon tea, a drink or fine dining, and… of course… a dedicated relaxation area for soothing and rejuvenating body and soul, complete with hammam, with a wide choice of innovative massage, beauty and wellness treatments.

30-32 Theodorou Poulidou St., Kavala, tel. (+30) 2510.620.151, imaret.gr, from €430 with à la carte breakfast and four-course set menu dinner.

Emotions Country Resort, Evrytania

Located in the village of Voutiro, 7 km from Karpenisi. Wooden furniture, warm fabrics in earthy tones and intriguing antiques add to the rustic appeal of the décor in its 10 rooms and two suites, while the traditional Emotions Café welcomes guests from morning till 10 p.m., offering a rich breakfast, homemade sweets and board games over a leisurely drink. Of course, help will be at hand if you wish to explore the region through excursions and numerous outdoor activities, and the Velouchi ski center is just 19 km away.

Voutiro, tel. (+30) 22370.257.25, emotions.com.gr, from €120 for a double room with breakfast.

Epoches Luxury Suites, Evrytania


Conveniently located 4 km from Karpenisi, in the historic village of Koryschades, the guest house has four luxury stone-built houses with incredible views. Guests can book an entire house or individual suites and rooms. Each house is named after a season of the year, and just as each season is distinct, so too is each house in terms of size, colors and decoration. Breakfast is served just a few steps away in the cozy Villaggio restaurant in the center of Koryschades, where you can also savor local delicacies prepared with the pure, quality ingredients of Evrytania.

Koryschades, Karpenisi, tel. (+30) 22370.236.75, epoches-karpenisi.com, from €120 for a double room with breakfast.

Elatos Resort & Health Club, Fokida

Just a few minutes from the ski center on Mt. Parnassus, the 40 independent wooden chalets are scattered throughout 25 acres of forest land in a landscape of stunning beauty. The beating heart of Elatos is the Club House, where guests will find an indoor heated pool, the Itamos restaurant, where breakfast is also served, an inviting lounge bar with fireplace, a well-equipped gym, children’s playroom, meeting rooms and a spa (treatments by appointment only). Pets are welcome, except in areas where food and beverages are served.

Eptalofos, tel. (+30) 22340.611.62/3, elatosresort.gr, from €275 for a double chalet with breakfast.

Katafygio Oiti, Fokida


The attractive chalet, which was added to the previously existing café of the same name, is nestled in a verdant col at an elevation of 1,240 m, at a distance of 50 km from the town of Lamia. The entire chalet is available for private bookings and can accommodate up to eight guests. The café serves hot and cold beverages, homemade sweets, as well as platters of freshly cut charcuterie and cheeses… the perfect accompaniment to a glass of tsipouro or ouzo. The owners will be more than happy to inform you about the various outdoor activities on the snow-covered slopes of Mt. Oiti, such as snowmobile excursions, cat skiing and snowboarding.

Vryzes, tel. (+30) 22312.319.64, (+30) 6936.944.300, katafygio-oiti.gr, from €120 for 4 persons.

Aristi Mountain Resort & Villas, Ioannina

Nestled in the upper part of the picturesque village of Aristi, the resort consists of independent stone-built residences with 26 rooms, suites and luxury villas, tastefully decorated and furnished, in the midst of a verdant garden. At the Salvia restaurant, you can try traditional dishes made with the finest local ingredients, as well as wines and spirits of the region. Relaxation and rejuvenation await in the spa, with its indoor heated pool, hydromassage treatments, sauna, hammam and… spectacular views of the mountains.

Aristi, tel. (+30) 26530.413.30, aristi.eu, from €130 for a double room with breakfast.

Mikro Papigo 1700 Hotel & Spa, Ioannina

Standing in perfect harmony with the surrounding landscape, the hotel takes its name from the first building in this spot, which dates back to 1700. Today, the eight single- and two-story buildings – which create the feel of a small settlement – house the 18 rooms and suites, a uniquely designed eco spa (the pool and hydromassage facilities are currently closed due to Covid-19 restrictions), and the Veranda 1700 restaurant with a magnificent view of the Vikos Gorge. Here, you will enjoy an authentic Greek breakfast and traditional dishes prepared exclusively with local produce and ingredients grown in the gardens of the Organic Zagori Farm in the Vikos-Aoos Geopark.

Mikro Papigo, tel. (+30) 26530.411.79, mikropapigo.gr, from €140 for a double room with breakfast.

Pliadon Gi Mountain Resort & Spa, Corinthia


At an elevation of 900 m with a sweeping view of the slopes of Mt. Ziria, the resort comprises 20 independent suites with fireplaces, ideal for moments of seclusion or families and groups of friends who love nature at its most pristine. In the restaurant-bar with large windows that provide an unobstructed view of the stunning landscape, you can enjoy Greek and international cuisine. The spa facilities promise relaxation in the hammam and sauna, and rejuvenation with a therapeutic massage (the pool and hydromassage are currently closed due to Covid-19 restrictions).

Kato Trikala, tel. (+30) 27430.911.38, pliadongi.gr, from €180 for a double room with breakfast.

Kinsterna Hotel, Laconia

The award-winning Kinsterna is housed in a Byzantine mansion that has been faithfully restored with utmost respect for its long history, to offer modern-day travelers a fairytale stay. The rooms, suites, houses and villas each feature a different design and decoration, but share some characteristics such as custom upholstered headboards, luxurious marble baths, traditional wooden doors and shutters. Normally closed in winter, the hotel welcomes guests over the holiday period (December 22 – January 9) with tempting packages that include a traditional Greek breakfast, dinner on Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve, a festive brunch buffet, along with selected activities for a complete experience. During this period, the hotel’s spa, gym and bar will all be open to guests.

Aghios Stefanos, Monemvasia, tel. (+30) 27320.663.00, kinsternahotel.gr, from €988 for a special four-night festive package.

Apeiros Chora, Ioannina

Renovated and refurbished with love and good taste, this traditional 19th-century mansion in the village of Kato Pedina offers a warm family atmosphere and top-notch amenities. It has seven rooms decorated with a rustic touch, plus a varied choice of lounges and communal spaces (bar, entertainment area, library, courtyards), while just as in the past, the kitchen is the living heart of the guest house. This not only serves as the breakfast room but is also the place where guests can relax during the day with a beverage or tasty snack. For the time being, the spa remains closed.

Kato Pedina, tel. (+30) 26530.711.88, (+30) 6936.510.806, apeiroschora.gr, from €160 for a double room with breakfast.

Orias Mountain Guesthouse & Farm, Achaia

The guest house is located on a 5-acre organic farm in the beautiful village of Kerpini in the Helmos mountain range, surrounded by olive, pear, plum, cherry and walnut trees, as well as a wide variety of herbs and vegetables. The comfortable accommodation comprises eight spacious rooms with fireplace and kitchen, while the restaurant has embraced the farm-to-table model. In cooperation with Trekking Hellas Achaea, the guest house offers a wide choice of outdoor activities in pristine nature, including hiking, skiing, kayaking, and traversing the stunning Vouraikos Gorge. –Εleftheria Alavanou

Kerpini, Kalavryta, tel. (+30) 6942.010.853, orias.gr, from €120 for a double room with breakfast.

Timber Land Cabins, Achaia


Five independent open-plan cabins, decorated in the English country style, with a fully-equipped kitchen and fireplace, right opposite the ravine of Zarouchla. The perfect base from which to explore the dense fir forest that surrounds the beautiful stone-built village, and for adventures in the unspoiled landscape of Mt. Helmos, Timber Land Cabins offer hospitality to travelers seeking peace, quiet and a measure of independence. –Alexandra Mandrakou

Zarouchla, tel. (+30) 6981.403.012, timberlandcabins.gr, from €120 for a two-person cabin.

Villa Vager, Arcadia

The creation of Nikos and Marina Vager, who lovingly transformed an old mansion dating to 1843 into a comfortable 4-star hotel with character. With nine elegant rooms and suites, Villa Vager stands out for its privileged location in the center of Levidi, with sweeping views of the Mainalon pine forest on one side and the sprawling plain on the other. The elevating hospitality experience is further enhanced by an authentic Greek breakfast that showcases the infinite gastronomic wealth of the Peloponnese. You will receive all the assistance you need for organizing activities, such as visits to local wineries, sightseeing and excursions, before rounding off the day with a soothing massage in the comfort of your own room (by appointment).

Levidi, tel. (+30) 27960.220.73, hotelvager.gr, from €140 for a double room with breakfast.


* PLEASE NOTE:  The prices quoted are the minimum charge for the winter period. You are advised to contact your guest house or hotel of choice for details of its pricing policy and any special offers over the festive season. When the accommodation includes spa services, before making your reservation please request specific information about any documents that may be required (certificate of vaccination or recovery, or rapid test 24 hours prior to arrival). Also, be aware that some facilities may be temporarily closed due to Covid-19 restrictions.

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