7 Things to Do in Corinthia

Corinthia is a region of astounding nature, ancient history, world-famous wines and myths around every corner.

1. A terrace for gourmands

The man-made Doxa Lake, created to protect the fields of the Feneos plain, which is famous for its beans, is ideal for hiking and cycling. End your trip at the taverna Trikrina for locally reared meat. Natasha Blatsiou

2. Watching the ships go by

At the submersible bridge of Isthmia, at the end of the Corinth Canal, the scene has an 1980s feel: there’s a children’s playground, tables and chairs with a view of the canal and amateur fishermen at their task. Park in the parking lot and take your time: ship-spotting requires patience. But when the bridge is submerged, the boats pass so close you can almost hop on board. Alexandra Mandrakou

3. Swimming and antiquities

Combine a swim and a stroll through history against the backdrop of the Geraneia mountains. Lake Vouliagmeni joins the sea through a narrow canal and is ideal for swimming. End the day with a visit to remains of the temple of Hera, around 1 km away, then walk up to watch the sunset from the lighthouse (built in 1897) on the Melagavi peninsula. Alexandra Mandrakou

4. The twin Kouroi of Klenia

The new wing of the Archaeological Museum of Ancient Corinth introduces the visitor to the ancient city-state through various aspects of everyday life. However, the most moving display comes a little before the end, in the hall with the famous Kouroi of Klenia – the only Archaic funerary statue group found in Greece – which were confiscated from antiquity smugglers in 2010. On their bodies you can discern the damage from the plough that drove over them when they were discovered. Open daily 8:00-20:00. Alexandra Mandrakou

5. A plunge in Kalogerolimano

Take the exit towards Epidaurus, turn towards the village of Amoni and after around 8 km (and a stretch of relatively smooth dirt track) you’ll arrive at this beach. Kalogerolimano has large pebbles, clean waters and pines at one end offering natural shade. Take care, the water gets deep suddenly. Eleftheria Alavanou

6. The vineyards of Nemea

The cellars of the 38 wineries of one of the most important wine-growing regions in Greece – and home of the Agiorgitiko variety – promise a complete wine tourism experience. The Nemea PDO wine is the heir to the ancient Fliasio wine drunk during the Nemean Games. Experience your own version of the movie “Sideways” using the map you can pick up at the Nemea Winemakers Society. Tip: The Great Days of Nemea festival, a celebration of the grape harvest (28-30/8), offers a first-class opportunity to get to know the wines of the region. Alexandra Mandrakou

7. A Museum for nature

Traveling between the vineyards of the Corinthian highlands, the landscape takes your breath away. On the horizon, one majestic mountain range gives way to another – Zireia, Oligyrtos, Mavrovouni, Gravias – and lower down, you are greeted by the sight of the southernmost wetland of the Balkans: Stymphalia.

On the slope of one of the lush hills that surround the lake, where, according to Greek mythology, Hercules defeated the Stymphalian Birds, stands a beautiful building, in perfect harmony with the landscape, that houses the Environment Museum of Stymphalia of the Piraeus Bank Group Cultural Foundation. Its finely curated collection relates to the legends of the lake, its geological features, its flora and fauna, and the history of human habitation and traditional local occupations. The most remarkable exhibit is a cross section of the lake, with live fish and plants.


Over the next few months, between July 29 and October 31, the temporary exhibition “Untamed Nature” by the well-known sculptor Afroditi Liti, created to reflect the spirit of the museum, will focus on the harmonious coexistence of mankind with the environment and history. Her representations of birds and animals convey the majesty of nature, as well as the need to protect it. Open daily except Tuesdays, 10:00-18:00. Natasha Blatsiou

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