9 Wonderful Guesthouses to Reconnect with Nature

Immersing yourself in nature doesn't have to come with hardship; these characterful and cozy lodgings are ideal bases for restful and reinvigorating breaks.

Papaevangelou Hotel

Megalo Papingo, Epirus (image top)

George Papaevangelou is a particularly friendly host, with a great willingness to guide you around the region, and his guesthouse exhibits his personal touch. Built according to the architectural style of the region, it features spacious rooms and a spectacular courtyard (with views over the peaks of Astraka). The breakfast menu features traditional items. N. B.



Tel. (+30) 26530.411.35


Viglatoras HOTEL

Ano Poroia, Serres, Macedonia

Located on the slopes of Mt Beles, the mountain range separating Greece and Bulgaria, this establishment is an ideal launch pad for your excursions to Lake Kerkini. Awaiting you here are warm rooms, warm-hearted people and a wholesome breakfast in a guesthouse that started out as an inn a century ago. O.C. 



Tel. (+30) 23270.512.31


Robolo Boutique Hotel

Litochoro, Macedonia

Owner/operator Roula Malti will graciously welcome you to this restored 1883 building. The spaces exude a sense of warmth and comfort, while the breakfast menu has a homey slant, featuring local ingredients and natural herbal teas from Mt Olympus. Each of the six rooms is decorated differently, but they all feature Coco-Mat bedding, modern comforts and charming details. O.C.


Tel. (+30) 6942.018.939


Napoleon Zanglis Guesthouse

Kalarites, Epirus

Napoleon Zanglis is perhaps the most larger-than-life resident of the village of Kalarites in the Tzoumerka region. For all their simplicity, the rooms of his guesthouse exude a welcoming warmth. Zanglis, who also runs the local village café, will provide you not only with tips but also with the keys you need to visit the monuments of the region, and he’ll serve you wonderful local delicacies, too, such as stewed goat, and yiaprakia, the Macedonian version of stuffed cabbage leaves. O.C.

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Tel. (+30) 26590.615.18


Anemi Country Cottage Inn

Kato Pedina, Epirus

Lila and Pavlos’ guesthouse resembles no other in the region. No interior designer chose its décor – this is a guesthouse that is a pure reflection of its owners’ personal taste. The common areas, including a rather impressive kitchen, a dedicated space for a loom and a balcony with unobstructed views, are all inviting. Pet friendly. N.D.

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Tel. (+30) 26530.720.03



Tsagarada, Pilio

Amanita (named after a type of mushroom), situated in one of the greenest parts of the Tsagarada region of Mt Pilio (Pelion), is a guesthouse that operates on the farm-to-table food philosophy, using vegetables from their land. It’s wonderful to stroll through the bountiful garden, but if the season is right, don’t pass up the chance to learn how to identify and collect edible wild mushrooms; the owner is an expert. N.D.



Tel. (+30) 24260.497.07

amanita.gr (Open April-October)


Agrafa, Central Greece

Located amid the wild natural landscape of the Agrafa region in Evrytania, this guesthouse-taverna is an ideal back-to-basics retreat. Without any special comforts, but boasting Kyra Niki’s exceptional care, this spot will make you will feel particularly welcome. At the taverna, you can enjoy soups, goat in red sauce and homemade pastries. O.C.



Tel. (+30) 22370.932.09


Vasilikia Mountain Farm & RETREAT

Pavliani, Central Greece

This unique guesthouse, situated in a region boasting dense pine forests, resembles an American ranch. It is made up of small, independent houses, spread across an estate that also includes a greenhouse, a lookout point with a telescope (so you can enjoy the view over the mountains), stables and poultry coops. N.D.



Tel. (+30) 22310-82992


Portari Houses


This guesthouse in Aroniadika is ideally situated to serve as a base for exploring both the northern and southern parts of this relatively large island. The guesthouse features modern rooms with minimalist décor and built-in beds and sofas so you know that you’re on a Greek island. Stone-paved paths snake around the estate and through the attractive garden. N.D.


Tel. (+30) 27360.333.98

portari-houses.com (Open June-October)

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