Ariá Estate Suites and Spa: Where Tradition Meets Elegance

Since 2018, the Ariá Estate Suites and Spa provides a luxurious escape on the beautiful Mani peninsula in the southern Peloponnese.

The windswept mountains and rocky shores of Mani are known to cast a spell on visitors; the peninsula is not simply beautiful, it’s invigorating.

Standing at a height here, looking out over the arid terrain and endless stark blue sea, you feel a pang of what can only be described as freedom – a fitting emotion, since this is the area of the Peloponnese which famously remained free during the Ottoman occupation. At the same time, this land and its villages, in all their spartan glory, can bring you a sense of calm.

Embracing all that Mani is in terms of nature, architecture and style, and as a way of honoring tradition and at once trying for sustainability, the 4-star Ariá Estate Suites & Spa was built using traditional techniques, from the same local stone that characterize the historic villages around the peninsula.

While featuring all the upscale, luxury amenities one would expect from a 4-star establishment, the interior atmosphere is relaxed, combining casual elegance with the spartan style of traditional Maniot village homes. Built amphitheatrically, each of the 16 suites boast an uninterrupted view towards the Messinian Bay.

Located on the slopes below Aereopoli, this is a perfect starting point for excursions to villages and beaches around Mani. The charming Areopoli, the picturesque harbor of Limeni, the impressive Diros Caves, Oitilo, Gerolimenas, Vatheia and Cape Tainaron are all within reach, as are a number of spectacular protected beaches.

Returning from a day of exploring later on, the spa offers a number of massage options to relax and rejuvenate, as well as body exfoliation, and facial treatments. If you’ve come back hungry, a list of finger food and small treats inspired by the local cuisine can be served in your suite for a private dining experience.


The best way to end a day in Mani is the same way in which it should begin: standing high above the sea, gazing at the landscape. Facing east, every evening at the Ariá Estate offers a brilliant sunset for guests to enjoy at the spa patio, or from their own private balconies, as the sky tints the sea and the world pink, yellow, and orange.

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