Artline: The Miele Appliances Inspired by Mykonos

Visit the Miele Store on Mykonos and discover the series of built-in appliances inspired by the Cycladic island's minimal elegance.

Perhaps more than any other place in the world, Mykonos effortlessly combines a minimalist aesthetic with comfort and easy living. Inspired by that ethos, Miele has now created a line of appliances that combine top-of-the-range functionality with clean, elegant lines.

The Artline series of built-in units is “designed to match the minimalist aesthetics of Mykonos”, according to the company, and includes top-of-the-range ovens with automatic programs, coffee makers that grind coffee beans instantly and steam ovens – all fit for even the most sophisticated island residence.

Visitors and residents of Mykonos can find the Artline units at Miele’s store on the island, located in the Argyrena area.

At the new store you can find a variety of domestic Miele appliances, technical support for your equipment and our certified consultant for your professional Miele appliances


Miele Store Mykonos,

Argyraina area, Ano Mera, behind the market “Delos”,


Tel. (+30) 22890.28836, (+30) 693.600.1001

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