Athens Wonders: Tour The Capital in Style on a Vespa

Take a tour of Athens on the back of that most nimble and stylish of beasts: the Vespa.

It was roughly a year ago when Mattheos Damigos, an aspiring entrepreneur, came up with the bright and adventurous idea of offering visitors the opportunity to explore Athens on vintage scooters. 

“I had been working in the conference tourism sector for years and wanted to do something of my own. Motorbike tours are also offered in other cities abroad. But I thought I’d combine this concept with my love for Vespas,” explained the newly arrived 45-year-old entrepreneur.


Open your GPS and follow the pre-loaded self-guided tours upon your interests. These are some of the most popular:
  • Landmarks tour (It’s not only about the Acropolis. Explore more gems of old and modern architecture)
  • Hippest corners (A ride through the most trendy neighborhoods in the city)
  • Athens Riviera (the coastline from Faliro to Vouliagmeni)
  • Sea and sun (recommended beaches, beach bars and café-restaurants by the sea)
  • Shopping (recommended neighborhoods and shops depending on what you’re looking for)
Or you can try the guided tours. Follow the pro (architects, photographers, chefs etc.), stop at points of interests and let them tell you the story:
  • Architecture tour (From the famous Athenian “Blue Block of Flats” in Exarchia neighborhood to the Athens War Museum)
  • Photo Safari (From the best spots in the city to take a selfie… to places to watch the sunset)
  • Culinary (It’s not only about eating great food in the city, but also about cooking it!)

Prices begin at 60 euros • For further information, visit

His venture, Athens Wonders which launched last September, offers two types of tours. One category is designed to allow visitors to explore the Greek capital alone, with support from GPS navigation systems fitted onto each Vespa’s handlebars. The other category offers guided tours.

The Athens Wonders fleet currently numbers eight Vespas. 


“We’re directing our venture at people who know how to ride bikes and, furthermore, cherish this type of motorbike,” noted Damigos. “Through Athens Wonders, tourists may see and explore Athens alternatively.”

Given the capital’s often challenging road conditions, generated in part by the sometimes… let’s say ‘unpredictable’ driving style one can encounter on Athenian roads, as well as regular congestion, one cannot help but wonder whether the Athens Wonders proposal should be categorized as an extreme sport!

To this thought, Damigos has a swift reply: “Have you seen what goes on in the streets of Rome? Our option may not be as safe as walking and coach tours, but it does offer independence and versatility to travelers.”

 “We also provide road insurance for customers and seek to thoroughly inform them on the local traffic situation. Up until now, all of our clients have returned to our base sporting wide smiles.”

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