Beat the Heat in Athens: Coffee Boost

The Greek capital has turned into a paradise for coffee lovers, and you can find any type of brew in most neighborhoods. In the summer, the Athenians drink their coffee cold.

You’re in one of the leading coffee capitals in Europe, a true third wave paradise. Athens boasts serious coffee drinkers, experienced roasters and internationally acclaimed baristas, as well as a wealth of great spaces to enjoy the local blends. On warmer days, do as the Athenians do and relax with a freddo, or cold coffee.

One to go

For takeout coffee, head to Kaya (7 Voulis), which offers a constantly changing selection of four different coffees. Nearby, TOMS (8 Mitropoleos Square), a socially conscious brand, brews locally roasted Wisecup coffee and serves it exclusively in paper cups. For every cup you buy, you help TOMS provide water to communities around the world who don’t have access to a safe source.

Coffee loves design

The stylish Anäna Coffee Food (33 Praxitelous) is the definition of minimal. It opened just a few months ago in the historical center. Housed in the atrium of an elegant old Athenian apartment block, it offers a few tables for those who enjoy a quiet brew. Anäna roasts only the finest beans, serves coffee in ceramic cups, has vegan desserts and uses organic (or non-dairy) milk. A short walk away, on the ground floor of the Blend Hotel, is the charming all-day café-restaurant Folk (2 Vyssis), which serves coffee from the local roaster Taf, and offers non-dairy milk options for vegan drinkers. Try the iced latte. The floor-to-ceiling windows are ideal for people watching.

The unique aesthetics of Third Place (Apollonos 23B) make a strong impression, with pastel hues and a design concept that combines Scandinavia with Korea. Their robust dark roasted coffee is sourced from Ofellia, a local importer and roaster. The all-pink bathroom has become a star in its own right, a regular spot for Instagram-worthy photoshoots.

The hangouts

Without an insider’s knowledge of the city’s hidden hangouts, it would be easy to miss Peek A Bloom, one of the most successful all-day café-bars in Athens. However, here you’ll find some of the capital’s most interesting people sipping well-brewed espressos made from beans roasted on-site and served in wonderful ceramic cups. Breakfasts, excellent sandwiches and light meals are also on offer. For something livelier in a larger venue and with coffee that’s just as good, try Lot 51 (24B Papadiamantopoulou). Near the Athens Hilton, this neon-decorated establishment helped bring a neglected square back to life. Tables are hard to come by during the weekend, so you’ll be lucky to find one, and luckier still if it’s in the shade under the awning. 

This text was first published as part of “Beat the Heat”, an article published in Greece Is Athens, Summer 2019 Edition.

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