The Best Tavernas in Athens with Tables Under the Trees

Our short list of must-try Athenian tavernas with outdoor dining. We're convinced the shade from olive and pine trees makes the dishes even tastier!

To Steki tou Ilia

Two steps from the Thissio railway station, but decades and worlds away. The courtyard has trees, lavender and rosemary bushes, while Ilias is a master of choosing and cooking meat. The finely butchered lamb ribs are a must, as well as hand-cut fries and other all-time accompaniments, which are all made with care. The local cats are a never-ending source of entertainment.


Open Monday-Friday 12.00-01.00, Sunday 11.00-18.00.

Eptahalkou 5, Thissio, Tel. (+30) 210.345.8052

Ta Pefka

A history of good food and wine by the liter which goes back to 1919. The Apostolou family, which has been running the taverna for the last 30 years serves grilled meat and meze dishes in its lush green courtyard. Veal and meatballs cooked over charcoal, kokoretsi (spit roasted seasoned offal) and kontosouvli (barbecued seasoned pork) are all best-sellers. We always look forward like a small child to the crispy grape-sized loukoumades (donuts) which arrive at the end of the meal.


Open Monday-Friday 17.30-22.30, Weekends 12.00-22.30.

Haïmanta Dimitriou 34, Maroussi, Tel. (+30) 210.802.2371

43 Sarantatrio

A colorful, fairytale yard, and on the café tables next to the lit bicycles are arrayed tasty dishes with a name and address. This is one of the first (and still few) meze places which name the producer and the provenance of their ingredients on the menu. Spirits from across Greece, fresh microbrews, and of course bottled Greek wines. Finally!


Open Tuesday-Saturday 13.00-00.30, Sunday 13.00-20.00.

Amvrosiou Fratzi 43, Neos Kosmos, Tel. (+30) 213.026.3347.

Ta Kanaria

The beautiful well-tended garden with its potted plants and the giant fig tree creating and ideal shady spot are reasons alone to visit this neighborhood fish taverna.

The menu is simple, but every dish shines with quality. The juicy tomato salad with peeled tomatoes, plenty of onion and fragrant oregano, the fresh fish and local shrimp come together to create a table full of authentic flavors.


Open Monday-Saturday 19.00-00.00, Sunday 12.00-17.00.

Kanari 119, Moschato, Tel. (+30) 210.942.2119.

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