Chasing Myths in Acheron

The mythical Acheron river tells fascinating stories and offers entertaining activities for all.

Contrary to the ancient belief that saw the Acheron as the river for souls traveling to Hades, this is, in fact, a place teeming with life, and ideally suited for a vacation break, offering a cool climate, plenty of activities and easy access to the sea.

You can hike along the Straits of Acheron and in the area of Piges Acheron.

There’s rafting (difficulty level: zero) and horseback riding, too. For all of these activities, your starting point should be the village of Glyki.

There’s boating, too; you’ll board at the seaside village of Ammoudia for an upriver ride, during which the boatmen will explain the stories associated with this meeting point between the living and the dead.

Make sure to visit the Nekromanteion in the village of Mesopotamos, which dates back to the 4th century BC – there are even more fascinating myths waiting for you there!

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