Greek Wine Gets a New Look

Creative designers make art out of tradition

Getting Greek wine out into the global market is a challenge involving many different parameters. In recent years, an increasing number of producers are entrusting their (re)branding to creative firms, making up for the cost with increased sales. As the Greek design scene continues to evolve in leaps and bounds, earning accolades and gaining fans both at home and abroad, the obvious question is whether packaging can really make or break a wine. “Competition is making wineries look for ways to create a strong brand for themselves. The label on the bottle is the first step in promoting that brand. This needs to be quickly and clearly,” says Grigoris Tsaknakis of Mousegraphics in Athens. Crete-based Lazy Snail is a case in point, as it helped a small winery on its native island double overseas sales thanks to a complete brand overhaul. “The challenge was to get the consumer emotionally involved in the product, to convey the winery’s story and to create a bond so that the consumer wants to learn more about it,” says firm owner and designer Ioanna Drakaki. Is design one way of drawing the world’s attention to Greece’s wines? The creative director of Thessaloniki’s Red Creative, Simos Saltiel, is optimistic: “New markets have more freedom to do new things, and a modern and attractive label is the first beacon of light. After that, it all comes down to quality. But I have no doubt in this regard because our native varieties are quite exceptional.”

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