Cycladic Island of the Day: Nearby Kea

Perfect for weekend trips from Athens, here are the tips we usually share with our friends about Kea.

I’m interested in history. What should I see?

The archaeological museum and the stone lion in Ioulida, and Ancient Karthea, accessible by foot from Stavroudaki (40 minutes).

Diving aficionados should also explore the shipwrecks around the island: the “Patris” paddle steamer (advanced level diving) and “Burdigala”, a French ocean liner, as well as the “Bretannic” – the sister boat of the Titanic


Additional information for divers: Kea Divers (Vourkari, Tel. (+30) 22880.22280, (+30) 6973.430.860).

What foodstuffs should I buy?

Honey and capers from Aristeos (Tel. (+30) 22880.21345), and biscuits made from acorns and local wine at Red Tractor (Tel. (+30) 6977.077.791) in Korissia. In Ioulida, pay a visit to Tyrakion (Tel. (+30) 22880.22853) where you will find fresh milk, custards, creams, cheeses (from xino to xerotyri) and amazing ice cream.

What about nightlife?

It’s limited, but there is some. Enjoy aperitifs at Aigis Suites (Tel. (+30) 6973.795.730) high up in Vourkari or at To Spiti Sti Chora (Tel. (+30) 22880.29101) in Ioulida. If you continue later in the evening, head to Leon bar (Tel. (+30) 6987.506.892) which is also in Ioulida, or head back to Vourkari where you will find the classic Vinylio bar at a new location (Tel. (+30) 22880.21080), while its former owners just opened Butler, a jazz bistro bar.

Read more about Kea here.

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