Cycladic Island of the Day: Carefree Kythnos

Less than 2 hours from Athens, laidback and budget-friendly Kythnos has plenty to offer, from rustic cuisine to serene beaches.

Which beach will I not want to leave?

Antonides is a small and rather unknown beach near Panagia Kanala, frequented by the area’s younger generation. You will descend many steps to reach it, but the small bay with sand, pebbles and crystalline waters is worth the effort. Beware of the slippery pebbles as you go into the water. Be careful.

How can I experience the island via sea?

In 5-6 hours and with lots of rowing, you can experience beaches, caves, chapels and an amazing seabed. The kayak tours organised by Kythnos Kayak Adventure (tel. (+30) 6945-688557) are fairly relaxed with many breaks for swimming.

What part of the island has a constant temperature of 17°C?

Enjoy the crisp coolness of 17°C in Katafiki cave  (tel. (+30) 22813-61100), near Dryopida village. The cave features 600-meter trails, multicolored stalactites and impressive rock formations.

Where can I eat the best sfouggato?

These small, fluffy and crispy cheese bites are made from local unsalted cheese, and are simply delicious. Try them at Mila’s taverna near Agios Dimitrios (tel. (+30) 22810-32815) and at Archipelagos in Kanala (tel. (+30) 22810-32380).

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