Cycladic Island of the Day: Low-Key Kimolos

Heading to Kimolos? Here are the tips we share with our friends about the island.

How should I begin my day?

Ladenia, a local delicacy that is similar to pizza but made just from dough, olive oil, onions and tomatoes, is a must for breakfast. You can procure ladenia at both bakeries in Hora, but also in tavernas across the island.

Where can I combine swimming and meze?

What do we all want on a summer’s day? A sandy beach with tamarisk trees that is protected from the meltemi winds, with crystalline waters and a little place serving ouzo and grilled octopus. You will find this, and more, at Stelios’ taverna in Kalamitsi (Tel. (+30) 6974.606.086). 

Whatis ther to do after the beach?

The “Kalisperitis” open air cinema is deeply charming, with lanterns and lit torches, and more interestingly, it changes location: through summer, until October, it organizes film and documentary screenings in the abandoned Castle, projected on the sail of an old yacht, as well as on beaches and in squares. The project is organized by the volunteer group Kimolistes, who have also set up open-air libraries: bookshelves made out of painted boats, old plate racks and chests by the sea and in Horio. You can take a book and return it, or bring one to leave in its place.

Any Hora secrets?

It is easy and rather playful to explore this Cycladic Hora, called Horio. A map company called Anavasi has mapped the settlement and marked five routes; visitors are guided by multicolored turtles. The maps can be found at the entrances of Horio.

You can read more about Kimolos here.

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