Five Greek Instagrammers to Follow as Greece Reopens

As Greece cautiously moves towards opening for tourism again, five influential Greek Instagrammers talk about their next destinations.

As Greece moves cautiously towards reopening for tourism, we spoke to 5 influential travel-focused Greek Instagrammers to find out what this period taught them about Greece, and the destinations they will head to first once traveling is possible again.

See some of their best shots, read what they had to say below, and be sure to follow them for more inspiration in these unprecedented times.

Stefanos Addimando


Stefanos Addimando is a travel photographer, a hotel owner and a member of the Tourism Committee of the Municipality of Serifos. He promotes Greek tourism through his Instagram account, with over 120,000 followers. His photographs have been published in magazines including National Geographic Travel Spain; Travel + Leisure; and Air Baltic’s in-flight magazine.


Where in Greece will you travel when you can move about freely?

The first place I’ll visit is my home island of Serifos. According to mythology, this is where Perseus grew up; he was the killer of the monstrous Medusa, who’d turn people to stone if they looked at her. Right now, the island is profusely green, full of wonderful aromas and resoundingly silent. Wherever you go, whether walking along narrow streets or empty beaches, or driving from one end of the island to the other, it will be just you and the island. This may sound a little sad, but the scenery is uniquely beautiful. In any case, summer is right around the corner, and my island will come alive again very soon.

Did you discover anything new about Greece during these difficult times?

During the weeks in lockdown, I realized that, aside from the outstanding capacity that Greeks have for dealing with hardships with patience and efficiency, our country possesses a great number of “treasures” that I haven’t had the chance to visit yet.

What have you missed the most about traveling?

I’ve missed the feeling of anticipation for an upcoming trip – either to the mountains or to the sea. I’ve missed coming face to face with the elements of nature; I’ve missed meeting new people and listening to their stories. I’ve also missed swimming in all kinds of weather and enjoying the feeling of freedom I get from being in the water.


Where would you travel to in your mind, while under lockdown?

Our country is like a miniature planet Earth. Hardly any other place in the world concentrates so much diversity into so small a territory. During the lockdown, I mentally traveled to one of my favorite destinations, Laconia, where spring blossoms earlier than in the rest of Greece. I imagined the lush green prairies, endless rows of orange trees, enormous Mount Taygetus visible from every corner, still white with snow at this time of year, and the sun, shining like nowhere else on the planet. I’d love to hop in the car and drive through Gythio, Gerolimenas, Limeni, Itylo, Vathia and Monemvasia. And a dip in the pristine waters of Mezapos is mandatory, even if the sea is still cold!

Dionisis Kaminaris

@diokaminaris, @wu_greece

Kefalonia-based civil engineer Dionisis Kaminaris is the founder of the Instagram travel community World Union Greece (@wu_greece), an account with almost 200,000 followers from all over the world.


Where in Greece will you travel next, when you can move about freely?

I dream of going back to the western coast of Lefkada and flying my drone over the clear blue waters off the beaches there: Porto Katsiki, Kathisma, Mylos, Agios Nikitas, Pefkoulia and Cape Doukato. I went there in September 2019, and was amazed by the island’s vast open spaces and its magical blue seas. Although I’m lucky enough to live on Kefalonia, which is one of Greece’s most beautiful islands, I found a new paradise on earth in Lefkada’s contrasts of deep blue and green.

Did you discover anything new about Greece during these difficult times?

I kept working during the lockdown, but I felt pressure and I felt anxiety, mainly from the constant flow of news and from the panic that had overwhelmed the planet. I’m proud of the way my country has handled the crisis until now, and I am proud of my fellow citizens, who exemplified the Greek virtues of “philotimo” (literally translated “love of honour”) and of respect towards our valued older compatriots.

What have you missed the most about traveling?

I miss feeling carefree, and I miss the state of delight that traveling puts me in.

Leda de Piart


Leda de Piart uses a minimalist gaze to capture details of a Greek summer set against a backdrop of blue and white. After completing her studies in fine art, de Piart participated in many painting exhibitions before discovering her passion for photography. On her Instagram account, she shares her own, singular vision of Greece with the public.


Where in Greece will you travel next when you can move about freely?

I want to go to Kimolos as soon as I can – when I’m there, I feel safe, calm and free. It’s an island of hidden treasures, hospitable people, magical seas, unique rock formations, clean stone-paved streets and delicious savory pies, including the “kolokythenia” pie, made with zucchini, and the oily “ladenia” pie.

Did you discover anything new about Greece during these difficult times?  

I discovered a different Greece, one that was united in the face of a common enemy, one that respects its citizens and is respected by them. I discovered long-forgotten notions of solidarity and compassion. I discovered a Greece that made me proud.

What have you missed the most about traveling?

I miss being in contact with nature – the entire season of spring was lost to us – and I miss the joy of being carefree, the sounds, the smells, and the hope that comes with exploring new destinations.

Where would you travel to in your mind, while under lockdown?

In my head, I traveled back to Polyaigos: I dreamt that I was swimming in its pristine waters, which wash away all negative thoughts as they flow over your skin.

Katerina Katopis-Lykiardopoulou


Member of the marketing team of the Hellenic Olympic Committee and marathoner Katerina Katopis-Lykiardopoulou has worked in the tourism industry for many years, helping to develop and promote luxury accommodations and villas in Greece and internationally. She is a lover of sports and of the sea, and divides her time between Switzerland, the UK and Greece


Where in Greece will you travel next when you can move about freely?

The first trip I’m planning to take is to go see my parents, who live in Thessaloniki. They’re rather older but fortunately healthy, and I’ve missed them a lot, just as I’ve missed my hometown, too. Luckily, technology has been of great support during confinement. Next, I’ll visit Porto Heli to take my first dip in the sea and to look at the preparations that the Amanzoe resort is making for the opening of the tourism season.

Did you discover anything new about Greece during these difficult times?  

I was able to confirm something that I always believed was true, which is that once Greeks understand the gravity of a situation, they immediately act accordingly and stay united. I also discovered that we’ve all developed a great sense of humanity. Greetings and smiles came back into our lives, we tried helping the vulnerable population groups in every way we could – we became more human, essentially. I ran around the empty city of Athens every day, its quiet streets lined with trees in bloom, and I learned to love it again, along with the sense of social responsibility that was suddenly reborn in all of us. I hope this positive outcome will remain after the whole adventure is over.

What have you missed the most about traveling?

Before the lockdown, I used to fly around Europe four to six times a week, which is exhausting, even if you travel under the best possible conditions. But I love airplanes; I love the feeling of escape I get when I’m on one, and the view I have of the world from above. As strange as it may sound, I’ve missed the energy of airports, of people coming and going, but what I’ve missed the most are these in-flight magical moments when you look out the window and see magnificent sunsets piercing through the clouds as you enjoy this better-than-bird’s-eye view and realize that the world looks like a map from up there.


Where would you travel to in your mind, while under lockdown? 

I adore traveling, and I’ve been all around the world, but lately all I can think about is Greece, and two places in particular: my dear Milos-Kimolos-Polyaigos triangle for its stunning seas, its unique Aegean energy and its authentic people, and the Sporades and, more specifically, Planitis Bay in the National Marine Park of Alonissos. It’s a surreal place, and difficult to reach; to get there, you enter through a narrow sea passage. There’s no cellphone service, and all you have for company are the sounds of nature – and perhaps a few seals!

Catherine P. Livieratos


Traveling is Catherine Livieratos’ passion, and she expresses it daily in her lifestyle blog and on her Instagram page, both called “Katemeets.” Dedicated to her work, she describes herself as someone who is open-minded as well as grounded, and dreams of a life filled with colors, feelings and powerful experiences.


Where in Greece will you travel next when you can move about freely?

I can’t wait to travel to Santorini again. There’s something magical about that island, an island that can’t be compared to any other place on the planet. The fact that I spent my first vacations there might have something to do with my impression of it. I’ve visited Santorini four times already, and I keep discovering new beauty. A lot of people have a negative opinion about the island because there are too many tourists. I can’t disagree with that, as it’s true. But there are places in Santorini that are still peaceful – even more so now! The feeling you get when you wake up at dawn and see the volcano and the stunning view of endless blue is one that I’ll never forget.

Did you discover anything new about Greece during these difficult times?

I was truly impressed by the Greeks’ discipline during the lockdown. As a people, we are used to a simple and carefree lifestyle, and we’ve always dealt with situations with a sort of lightness. But in this crisis, we showed our strength and revealed a character that no one imagined we had. I am sincerely proud of all of us – especially the healthcare professionals. We set an example for other countries.

What have you missed the most about traveling?

The three things that I’ve missed the most while not traveling are: contact with new people, because they’re the ones who make up the culture of each country; contact with nature, because the true beauty of each country can be found in nature; and third, contact with the local architecture, because that’s always the cherry on top of each new destination.

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