Five Perfect Photos of Greece in Winter

From snow-covered mountains to traditional sugar-coated kourambiedes cookies

Bracing and Bold

Enjoy winter sports in the mountains of Greece. Over a dozen locations, including Parnassos, Pilio and Kaimaktsalan, offer glorious scenery and full service facilities for skiing and snowboarding, catering for every ability. And, what with this being Greece, there will be plenty of regional delights to enjoy apres ski

Sweet Snow of the Holidays

Kourabiedes, Greece’s classic winter treat, melt on the tongue like a snowflake. The rich aroma of these butter biscuits as they bake fills every home and bakery around the holidays. Round or shaped like a crescent moon, with toasted almonds or plain, and coated with a thick layer of icing sugar, kourabiedes satisfy cravings for sweet nostalgia.

Beauty Past and Present

Enjoy one of Greece’s loveliest villages, much as it was from the 17th to 19th centuries. Nymfaio, once a prosperous village of silversmiths and merchants, has been splendidly restored, with attention to historical detail. Wander cobblestone alleys, take in the crisp mountain air and then relax in front of a roaring fire at an inn full of period charm.

A Pure and Primal Epiphany

In Drama, the Epiphany coincides with Dionysian celebrations. Dressed in elaborate and sometimes even terrifying costumes, some with bells sewn into them, participants dance ecstatically to the music of bagpipes, lyres and tambourines to drive away evil spirits while calling on the divine forces of nature to ensure a season of abundance in Christianized rituals with deep pagan roots.

A Collaboration with Nature

Lake Plastira’s sense of timeless presence gives no hint to its age – this artificial lake was completed in 1959. Surrounded by the picturesque villages of the Agrafa mountains and great natural beauty, the region is a popular destination, especially for outdoor activities on and around the lake. Try kayaking or hydrocycling, mountain biking, horseback riding, archery and even motocross. Sate your appetite afterwards with the region’s specialties.