Five Stops for Takeout Coffee in the Center of Athens

When you find yourself in or around the city center and in need of a dose of caffeine, take your pick from one of these coffee spots.

Samba Coffee Shop

Samba Coffee Shop stands on the corner of Solonos and Lykavittou. This Greek company gathers the finest ingredients from the world’s top coffee-producing countries and processes them at its modern roasting facilities in Attica, creating special blends for Greek coffee, espresso, filter coffee and other beverages. Ground coffee for sale, gadgets, and tasty sandwiches prepared daily are available, along with great cups of coffee, in their warm retail space in Kolonaki.


36 Solonos, Kolonaki, Tel. (+30) 210.363.7283

Two Sips and Two Bites

Coffee-obsessed perfectionists who are also quite cool people, Nikos and Tania run a coffee shop on Klafthmonos Square that’s notable for a number of reasons. The reliability and consistency of their coffee is why local residents and other patrons return to this miniscule hangout. The premises are devoid of anything that exudes a fragrance, so as not to influence your experience of the product. If you’re interested, they’ll share their coffee knowledge as you sip on a Taf blend, or a single-origin Roller Roaster.

8 Dragatsaniou, Klafthmonos Square, Tel. (+30) 210.347.3444

Redd Coffee

Small and with charming design elements, Redd opened its doors in Kolonaki a few years back and introduced itself via a novel idea. Unlike other coffee shops, it chose to focus on the flavors in its coffees, rather than on their country of origin. Placing your order can, when you’re in the mood, be a moment of playful experimentation. In front of the state-of-the-art espresso machines, you’ll see small signs listing characteristics such as long aftertaste, acidity, body, and complexity. After listening to your preferences, the barista will create a unique blend, grinding the appropriate ratios of available beans. In addition to this wonderful tailor-made service, Redd also offers limited single origins and blends, as well as a uniquely balanced and aromatic cold brew. Distilled twice for 12 hours, this coffee keeps for several weeks in the fridge, staying fresh and delicious.

8 Kapsali, Kolonaki, Tel. (+30) 216.900.2141

Taf Coffee Shop

The first specialty coffee shop to open in Athens, this small temple for coffee lovers on Emmanouil Benaki Street is now in its second decade of operations, continuing to serve quality coffee prepared by distinguished baristi. In addition to the classic blends on offer, the adventurous can also try seasonal coffees, such as the fruity Las Delicias from Nicaragua and the excellent Del Agua from Colombia; both beans are perfect for filtered coffee. In the back, you’ll find a great selection of coffee blends as well as a variety of gadgets and accessories.

7 Emmanouil Benaki, Center, Tel. (+30) 210.380.0014


It may be hidden away in Bolani Stoa, but only a few Athenian coffee aficionados haven’t graced Kaya’s diagonal bar to try one of the best espressos in the city center. The owners work with nearly all Greek roasters, and every week they offer a variety of different options. Waiting in line is well worth it, but take note: there’s no filtered coffee available here, just espresso-based warm and cold beverages.

7 Voulis, Syntagma, Tel. (+30) 213.028.4305


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