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New international foodie study ranks Greek cuisine among top ten favorites

It’s no news that Greek food has a global appeal – after all, apart from the sun and sea, the country’s delectable and healthy gastronomy is one of the key attractions for so many visitors who travel here from all corners of the world, fork at the ready, throughout the year. Indeed, a recent survey from international food marketing and communication agency Sopexa confirmed that Greek cuisine ranks as one of the world’s top 10 favorite tastebud-party venues among the world’s choosiest, most clued-in food trendsetters.

Around 3,000 food-savants from six countries (China, France, Germany, Japan, UK and US) and aged 33 on average were quizzed for the survey.


The Foodies Survey reveals that Italians do indeed do it better when it comes to food, as 64% of the gastronomical explorers rate it as their absolute favorite cuisine. French and Chinese food come in a close second (61%), followed by Spanish and Thai cuisines (58%). And, drum roll … Greek food is loved by 39% of the respondents, who rank it among their top 10 favorite cuisines out of a choice of 16. American respondents were the biggest fans of Greek cooking, with seven out of 10 foodies giving it a gold star, while for Germans Greek food ranked third.

According to the survey, Greek food is loved by 39% of the respondents, who rank it among their top 10 favorite cuisines out of a choice of 16.

The research revealed that respondents from Asian countries are more keen on eating out (three times per week on average), while westerners (especially the French) relish the experience of cooking for friends and family at home. Nine in ten respondents said it was crucial to continuously explore food traditions and flavors of other countries as well as those of their own country.

Most of the culinary devotees said they were interesed in food because it satisfies their demanding palate, they enjoy cooking for and eating with others or they are following a balanced diet. One of the most surprising findings of the survey was that the majority (90%) of foodie respondents revealed they buy most of their produce from supermarkets rather than delis or organic shops, as Sopexa had assumed.


The study confirmed the major influence of active online communities, social media, apps and blogs on foodies, with 86% of respondents revealing they gather their succulent nuggets of information on food trends, products, restaurants and more via the internet. In addition, the web offers a multitude of opportunities to interact with, and learn from, other foodies around the world.

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