Halkidiki in Pictures

Turning the lense on just a small sample of Halkidiki's stunning landscapes.

Crystal Perfection

The perfectly translucent and crystal waters that embrace all three of Halkidiki’s verdant 
peninsulas are renowned for their wonderful hues of blues and greens. When the seas are calm, you can see the silhouettes of bathers, perfectly outlined against white-sand seabeds.

Quiltwork Landscapes

Sandy gold alternates with light and dark green in the impressive patchwork of Halkidiki’s farmland, as seen here from above. Every small rectangle represents a different field and a different crop.

Gregoriou Monastery

The 14th-century monastery sits overlooking the tranquil waters around Mount Athos. Dedicated to Saint Nicholas, this a place which exudes a spiritual aura of its own and is home to around 70 monks.

"There’s No Place Like Halkidiki"...

A sprawling peninsula comprised of three legs, each with its own distinct character, ranging from full-on tourist resort to nature wonderland, Halkidiki is endowed with much more than mainland Greece’s most stunning beaches. All-year delights, Mount Holomon and the woodlands of Sithonia (pictured here) are perfect spots to marvel at starry skies through tall planes and pine trees, while badgers, hedgehogs, foxes and fireflies come out to play.

Sani Resort Wetlands

The protected natural treasure trove of the Sani Resorts Wetlands is home to over 214 species of birds, including many rare species. It's no wonder that the location is a magnet for bird watchers and nature lovers alike.