Thessaloniki’s Homegrown Design, a Labor of Love

Selected workshops and stores where artists add a creatively modern strokes to Thessaloniki's shopping canvas.

Why settle for baubles when you can treat yourself to original jewelry and objets d’art created by the city’s young and inspired designers?

At Kitchen 29 on Navarinou Square, Ioanna, of Greek-German extraction, creates homemade clothes, accessories made out of cloth or plexiglas, bags, children’s clothing and home ware. A climb up the little steps leads to an area which exudes an undeniable sense of childhood from the smallest to the largest object!

The store is located on the busy pedestrian Isauron Street 5 among antiques shops and hip cafes. Those lucky enough will at some stage stumble on the tea and snack parties that she sometimes organizes for customers and passersby!

The original jewelry made of gold and silver with precious and semi-precious stones at the exceptional jewelry boutique of Katerina Ioannidis on Mitropolitou Iosif 5 does not fail to make an impression. For something Greek and summery, check out the Mygdala and the Greek Tsarouhi collections, a modern take on traditional symbols!

The design studio ‘Bord de l’eau’ on Egnatia 45 specializes in high quality handmade furniture and jewelry. Next door is the cafe of the same name inside a well kept arcade where the solitude in the morning and afternoon makes it an ideal place to read or to work on a laptop.

See the collection of good luck charms, mati, made of bronze or aluminium, which, according to traditional beliefs, provide protection against negative energy.

At the small studio Wood for the Soul (Aghias Sofias 49), you can meet the artist-owners that set up shop a few months ago. The renovations were carried out entirely by them, something made obvious by the attention to detail, from the handmade packaging and cards to the furniture.

The area is divided into two parts. On one side are wooden objects, jewelry and furniture by the artist Mekanimus while on the other side, Studio Prasko displays painting work on canvasses and clothes.

The microscopic shop Min madas ti margarita (Don’t pluck the daisy) above the Egnatia (Ioustinianou 5) deals in delicate jewelry with interesting compositions of gold and silver as well as other materials, ideal for souvenirs and small good luck charms. Ask the owner to tell you the stories hidden behind each of their designs.

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