Where to Watch the Sunset on Lefkada

Whether you want to stay on the beach until nightfall, take a pre-dinner stroll or explore the island at glowtime, Lefkada has the best sunsets.

In town: A cosmopolitan walk

On the western pier of Lefkada town, an afternoon walk is a must. Although the most popular street is cobbled Mela and its continuation Dairpfel (Agora), when the sun starts to set, everyone heads as if hypnotized to the western beach, the pedestrian Angelos Sikelianou St and the boat-lined western canal, and the characteristic multi-photographed bridge. The walk alongside the lagoon of Gyra and the reflections of the canal in the colours of the west are magical.

On the western beaches: Dive into the red

On the western coastline of Lefkada are the most famous and impressive beaches of the island, including Porto Katsiki and Egremni, Kathisma, Pefkoulia and Milos. Whether at the base of impressive white cliffs or not, they have almost opaque turquoise, blue, and azure waters and are considered more than just swimming beaches – they are actual attractions. Now imagine this place at sunset time, when the sun dips red-hot into the Ionian Sea, and you have the ultimate summer scene. As it’s among the most popular beaches, during the day it’s all the rage, so you have an extra reason to visit in the afternoon, when you’ll enjoy swimming into the sunset almost on your own.

In Kavos Kiras: Living legends

When the sun sets on the Ionian Sea, legends come to life at the southernmost point of Lefkada, on the wild cape of Kavos Kiras (also known as Dukato and Lefkata). Here it is said that the “Lefkas Petri,” a legendary passage mentioned by Homer, was located, that human sacrifices were made here in ancient times to appease the gods and later a sanctuary of Apollo was erected. From here criminals, believers testing their faith, were thrown off the cliff (it is said that if the convict survived the fall, life was granted to him).

But the spot eventually became synonymous with desperate love, as the strongest legend, which developed in the 6th century BC, has it that those who suffered from unrequited love would jump from the Kavos Kiras, with the first suicide being by the Lesbian poet Sappho. In 1890, the beautiful lighthouse was built on the site of the sanctuary, from where visitors today gaze in awe at the sunset. And they are photographed, of course, posing as if they are ready to fall into the void!

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