Lefkada Mini Guide

White sandy beaches and turquoise waters await


In Lefkada you can choose from a selection of lodgings. Traditional and luxurious hotels, rooms, apartments, villas, by the sea or in the mountain, in crowded settlements or in lonely place, are among them.

Hotel Lefkas

Conveniently located right on the beach, the hotel features 100 recently renovated rooms with a view. Double rooms from €80 per night, breakfast included. 2 Filippa Panagou, Lefkada town • Tel. (+30) 26450.23.916 • www.hotel-lefkas.gr

Anemones Villas

These five luxurious villas in the north of the island overlook the main town and sea, offering a swimming pool, aqua massage as well as a garden with barbecue. Prices range from €280 to 400 per villa, per day. Spanochori • Tel. (+30) 26450.41.288 • www.anemones-villas.gr

Eltheo Villas

These modern, spacious studios and apartments are situated close to the island’s most popular beaches. Double rooms from €70 per night, breakfast included. Aghios Nikitas • Tel. (+30) 26450.97.201 • www.eltheovillas.gr

Neion Guesthouse

Ideal for travelers seeking peace and quiet, the guesthouse is situated in the verdant hills just 15 km from Lefkada town. Locally produced homemade jams and marmalades are part of its delicious breakfast. Double rooms from €70 per night, breakfast included. Kiafa Alexandrou • Tel. (+30) 26450.41.264 • www.neion.gr

Lefkada Beach Hotel

The hotel offers a choice of modern, tastefully furnished rooms as well as family accommodation, plus a swimming pool. Double rooms from €60 per night, breakfast included. Lygia • Tel. (+30) 26450.72.215 • www.lefkadabeach.gr


Lefkada restaurants are anywhere, in beaches and villages. Most of them are located at port promenades (Lefkada, Vassiliki, Agios Nikitas, Nydri). There you can taste traditional dishes prepared with local fresh products.


  The mouth-watering dishes are prepared using mainly local ingredients, including vegetables, feta cheese and olive oil produced by the owners. Specialties include filo-wrapped feta cheese with honey, kolokithokroketes (zucchini balls), piperopita (vegetable pie made with peppers), meatballs and various grilled meats. Hortata • Tel. (+30) 26450.33.240


Mezedes (tapas-like small dishes) and various creative starters and mains, such as pork steaks with cheese and sundried tomatoes, are served on a charming balcony overlooking the sea. Exanthia, Tel. (+30) 26450.99.439

Mavros Lagos

Situated in the Old Town, this wine bar has an impressive variety of labels and a tempting selection of delicious warm and cold mezedes. 4 Pinelopis • Lefkada, Tel. (+30) 6986.960.000


Known for the pizzas it has been serving to locals and visitors alike since 1978, the restaurant also offers burgers, schnitzels and steaks. Karyotes • Tel. (+30) 26450.71.270

Kato Rachoula Nouvell Restaurant

Shrimp risotto, snails cooked with ouzo and veal in green pepper sauce are an indication of the restaurant’s creative cuisine. Rachi, Nydri • Tel. (+30) 26450.92.700


Most night venues in Lefkada are found in Nydri, Vassiliki and Lefkada, the three most popular villages on the island. However, you can also find nice bars and cáfes on island’s beaches.

Copla Beach Bar

Situated on what is admittedly one of Lefkada’s most beautiful stretches of sand, this beach bar is known for hosting frequent parties and other happenings. Kathisma • Tel. (+30) 26450.29.411

I Gonia

Located on the seaside village’s main pedestrian street, visitors frequent this small and cozy bar for coffee and sandwiches in the daytime and well mixed mojitos at night. Aghios Nikitas • Tel. (+30) 26450.97.098

Pavezzo Vintage Bar

The bar offers the perfect combination of ethnic, jazz and soul music, drinks that can satisfy even the most demanding clients and cocktails to die for. 23 Dairpfeld, Lefkada • Tel. (+30) 6972.111.332


Travelers wishing to drive to Lefkada from Athens will have to use the Athens-Patras highway, then cross the Rio-Antirrio bridge and continue towards the town of Amfilochia, the last stop before their final destination. The 361-km journey takes about five hours. The long-distance KTEL bus operates four daily services from Athens’ Kifissos bus station. The journey takes five to six hours and single tickets cost € 33.80 per person.
[Athens KTEL station • Tel. (+30) • Lefkada KTEL station • Tel. (+30) 26450.22.364].

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