Wearable Greek Art: Expressionist Paintings Become Silk Scarfs

Aikaterini Athanasiadou-Poutetsi's expressionist paintings provided the prints for these high quality silk scarfs made in Greece.

It all began with a daughter looking for a special gift for her mother. Given that her mother was an artist, what could be more beautiful or unique than her own artwork printed on a silk scarf?

The gift excited the recipient, Aikaterini Athanasiadou-Poutetsi, a painter known for her abstract, expressionist paintings and vibrant use of color. For journalist Christina Poutetsi – the daughter in this story – the gift marked the beginning of a new creative endeavor. If paint is the message and silk the canvas, can art become fashion?


The answer is certainly “yes” and the Art & Fashion Project proves it.

After much thought and countless trials, Christina has designed five square scarves (90×90) with the abstract works by her mother. Made with 100 percent silk twill with a handmade finish, the scarves were constructed by a silk artisan in the northern Greek region of Soufli, who propagates the silk-making traditions of the area while responding to the latest demands of digital technology.

“It all began in 2017. It was an experiment, an exercise in creativity during a year that was particularly difficult for me. I wanted this venture to be based and carried out in Greece, showcasing and supporting both local modern art and craftsmanship” explains Christina. “I wanted to strike a balance between a fashion accessory and a work of art. I hope I managed that.”


The scarves of her Art & Fashion Project series are available at selected outlets: I-D Concept Stores; the gift shop of the Benaki Museum on Kreizotou Street and the Belverdere Hotel in Mykonos.

This article was first published by ekathimerini.gr

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