AB Vassilopoulos’ Own-Brand Products Capture the Best of Greece

The supermarket chain sources unique regional products made with quality ingredients from across Greece, giving local producers a major boost.

Over its almost 80-year history, the supermarket chain AB Vassilopoulos (commonly referred to as Alpha Beta) has been providing its customers with consistently high-quality products, growing to become one of the leading supermarket chains in Greece, and earning the company a top-of-mind position on the Greek market.

Over recent years its Private Label products have been awarded by several established Greek and international institutions. But most importantly, they have made their way on to the table of almost every Greek family. People have embraced these products, trusting Alfa Beta to offer them the best choices for their daily diet.


In an effort to give back, the company is implementing its vision for sustainable growth by supporting local Greek food production and producers in each region. By placing these producers’ unique goods on shelves across its broad network of stores countrywide, Alfa Beta is actively contributing to a better quality of life for local communities, while at the same time offering consumers top-quality products that preserve and spread Greece’s rich gastronomic heritage.

To make all of this possible, Alfa Beta’s skilled teams continuously travel across Greece to discover original products from various regions, made with unique recipes, pure ingredients and the passion of experienced local producers. Thus, the company picks products of exceptional quality and taste, right in the heart of the Greek countryside. 

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