Chora Art Home & Design on Mykonos: Where Nature Meets Cycladic Style

The award winning creator of one-of-a-kind furniture and design pieces allows you to infuse your home with a Mykonian aesthetic.

The secret of Mykonian chic is that it feels so effortless – simple, pure, and always deeply in harmony with the beauty of the natural surroundings. And you can discover ways to bring it into your own home at Chora Art Home & Design. The winner of 2017’s prestigious Seven Stars Luxury Hospitality and Lifestyle Award for Interior Design, Chora embodies the Mykonos style.

For interior designer Kelly Vorreas, the island itself plays a fundamental creative role: “Mykonos is an inspirational island. The aura of this small place on earth is so exciting that every day is a new experience. Mykonian design is authentic design, combining the clean, simple lines of the Cyclades with a salty taste of the sea.” 


Beautiful natural materials – from graceful teak to the rough minimalism of rope – define luxury afresh in pieces created for embracing the Mykonos lifestyle.

Hammocks, swing chairs and round rope outdoor beds are made for languorous afternoons reading on the veranda. Or how about a gorgeous long table for friends to gather around for the memorable dinners and conversations that fill your summer nights.

Nature and style mingle in extraordinary pieces: beautifully chosen pieces of wood determine the design of uniquely shaped sofas and daybeds. Logs smoothed as though by the sea and bleached by the sun, and wild tangles of tree roots are merged with glass to become tables with both a strong sculptural presence and a playful sense of fantasy.

Materials, many sourced locally and others from throughout Greece provide inspiration. At Chora, repurposed wooden boats – each with its unique history and texture – become enchanting, environmentally aware benches and sofas.

Mykonian design is enhanced with imaginative touches of the luxurious and exotic: “My inspiration is Mykonos itself, its stunning nature, combined with colors and fragrances from all over the world. The combination of these is the result you see at Chora Art Home and Design,” says Vorreas.

In this inspired collection, you’ll find pieces that can impart a space with its own distinctive personality – from vintage vitrines to imaginative lighting fixtures to rustic mirrors. A fine dining collection embraces the expressive potential of texture: rattan, grass, rope, and wood stylishly join sleek rose gold, fine crystal, and the opulent shimmer of mother of pearl.

Vorrea’s own gorgeous handmade charms for the home, and a complete selection of artworks bring it all together. Through Chora’s collections, you can shape your own style, creating a space that is at once authentically Mykonos, and uniquely your own.


Chora Art Home and Design

Ano Mera


Main Road Ano Mera

Tel: (+30) 22890.711.07, (+30) 6973.492.324

Open: Monday-Sunday 10:00-21:00

Town Store

Mykonos Town, 43 Florou Zouganeli Str, Pano Matogianni

Tel: (+30) 22890.793.63, (+30) 6973.492.324

Open: Monday-Sunday 10:00-00:00

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