Collectibles & Design for the Greek Revolution Bicentennial

We selected 11 special edition items created for the bicentennial celebrations of the Greek War of Independence.

This year marks 200 years since the outbreak of the Greek Revolution, and while the country is still in lockdown to combat the pandemic, there’s excitement in the air (perhaps because saluting freedom and liberty has rarely felt so right).

While many celebratory events and exhibitions are currently postponed until the restriction measures are lifted, shopping waits for no one. Museums, designers and artists are celebrating the bicentennial with special lines of merchandise inspired by the heroes and events of the Greek War of Independence.


Below are some of our favorite items available online.

Commemorative Coins – Greece 2021 Committee

The Greece 2021 Committee, responsible for coordinating the events planned for the bicentennial, has produced a unique collection of 14 commemorative coins. The coins, deserving of a place in any numismatist’s collection, were created by decision of the Ministry of Finance, and are sponsored of the Bank of Greece. They feature engravings depicting key moments from the history of modern Greece.

Price: €40-€7.680


Find them here.

School stationery – Greece 2021 Committee

The Greece 2021 Committee also presents a collection of school supplies, including stationery, bags, water bottles, mugs, and more, decorated with the committee’s “Greece 2021” designs and logos.

Price: €0.80-€4.99


Find them here (link in Greek).

Vest and Foustanella – Ancient Kallos

Ancient Kallos’ anniversary collection is named for the dynamic heroine of the Greek War of Independence, Bouboulina. The dress is inspired by the traditional “foustanella,” a garment which was worn by the revolutionaries in Greece of 1821. The foustanella looks great paired with the embroidered “fermeli” vest, inspired by that worn by the Evzones (the heroic soldiers who fought against the Ottoman occupation), with white and golden embroideries representing typical folklore themes.

Dress: €250


Vest: €162

Find it here.

“Eleutheria” Pin – Benaki Museum

The Benaki Museum presents a large collection of merchandise for their exhibition “1821 Before and After,” including everything from artifact replicas, to home design items and jewelry. This brooch, created by B612, was inspired by a flag originally owned by Theodoros Kolokotronis, depicting Greece and the motto of the Greek War of Independence: “Liberty or Death” (H ΕΛΕΥΘΕΡΙA H ΘΑΝΑΤΟΣ). A detail from the flag, the eye, symbolizes protection and good health.

Price: €50


Find it here.

Sneakers – Superga + Konstantinos Kakanias, Kalogirou

Greek brand Kalogirou presents a limited edition shoe by Italian Superga and Greek visual artist Konstantinos Kakanias, featuring his signature character, Mrs. Tependri, in an Evzones outfit. Only 200 pairs have been made.

Price: €175


Find it here (link in Greek).

Ring – Christina Soubli

Jewelry designer Christina Soubli celebrates the anniversary with a chevalier ring inspired by the Anthimos Gazis flag (the historic flag which was unfurled for the first time in Milies, in Pelion, shortly before the start of the revolution).

The ring is made of 925° silver plated with K18, and enameled.


Price: €110

Find it here.

T-shirts – Ergon Mykonos

Ergon Mykonos has added two special prints to their “Tribute to the Idol” line to mark the anniversary. The line features t-shirts and hoodies, made from 100% cotton, with prints that depict contemporary idols such as David Bowie, Bruce Lee and Maria Callas, as Cycladic busts. To celebrate the bicentennial of the Greek revolution, two of its heroes, Theodoros Kolokotronis and Bouboulina, have been added to the collection.

Price: €75


Find them here.

Scarf – Zeus & Dione

Zeus+Dione celebrates the anniversary of the Greek revolution with a scarf called ”Evzones”. Inspired by the symbolic details of the outfit of the soldiers, referred to by the brand as “superheroes,” Zeus+Dione’s scarf is printed with a vibrant intricate pattern featuring pretty paisley swirls and ornamental designs, and is available in two colors.


Price: €190

Find it here.

Theodoros Kolokotronis Luxury Rollerball Pens – Montegrappa

Montegrappa has released a series of limited-edition pens paying homage to Theodoros Kolokotronis (1770-1843), the general and hero in the Greek War of Independence. Only 200 Fountain Pens & 200 Rollerballs have been made, as a symbol for the 200-year anniversary.

Price: €360-€1.290,00


Purchase through Kessaris.

Find them here.

Porcelain Foustanella – Yannis Sergakis

Jewelry designer Yannis Sergakis has created a commemorative decorative foustanella (the famous white kilt-like garment whose many pleats formed a kind of armor for the revolutionaries) made of porcelain. They are handcrafted, so every piece is slightly different.



Find it here.

Puzzle – Museum of Cycladic Art

The Museum of Cycladic Art also presents a wide selection of merchandise related to their exhibition “Antiquarianism and Philhellenism,” put on as a celebration of the bicentennial. This 150-piece puzzle features an oil painting by Peter Heinrich Lambert von Hess (1792-1871), depicting a Greek captain with his palicars, holed up amidst the ruins of an ancient temple and battling against the Turks.

Price: €20


Find it here.

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