Original Coasters Made of Concrete

Discover Athens while having coffee

Oops, we’ve just spilt some water onto the Acropolis. How on earth did that happen?

After seeing Athens from a bird’s eye view, two architects, Katerina Grigoropoulou and Evi Sougkara were inspired to engrave the wider city center’s main and supporting roads onto a concrete tile.

After adding a few trademark details concerning traditional inner districts such as Pangrati, Exarhia and Kerameikos, the initial design of their coaster-to-be was complete. The technique they apply is simple. Concrete  is placed in silicone molds and its surface is painted with urban details once the mix has dried. The coasters are available in a variety of colors. I prefer the single-colored ones featuring vibrant details.

The creative pair’s six-piece coaster set depicting Athens from above was just the beginning. Inspired by cement-dominated urban landscapes, Katerina and Evi, who both share a strong affinity for Athens and have also traveled extensively, internationally, plan to broaden their concept as the “Concrete Cities” series is set to depict s as many other cities as possible. These include London, Milan, Stockholm and Nicosia.

The duo, which calls itself “A Future Perfect”, has also created other items, all characterized by architectural perspective, sharp lines, and geometrical plans. These include high-end fashion sleeveless tops, made of leatherette and stamped with bird’s eye views of Athens on their back, leatherette iPad cases, and felt covers for sofa cushions.   

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