If Greek Mythology Monsters Were Real People…

Original, humorous souvenirs to take back to your friends

A mischievous little imp has taken over some of Greek mythology’s most famous monsters and is making them behave like regular humans!

What would Medusa, Polyphemus or Hydra look like if they lived in Athens in 2016? This is the question that drove Efi Gavrilou to design the very surreal and extremely amusing new brand Greek Imp, comprising T-shirts, souvenirs and fridge magnets.


In something of a sarcastic take on the good and bad of life in Greece, Efi imagined the Cyclops working as a cab driver. In Homer’s Odyssey, the hero blinded the Cyclops, Polyphemus, with a flaming stick after he devoured four of the seafarer’s companions. Today he’s a cabbie who drives with one hand on the wheel, holding a coffee in the other, and uses his one eye to avoid potholes, old ladies, speed bumps and small animals on Greece’s roads.


Medusa, on the other hand, was a Gorgon transformed by the goddess Athena into a monster with a terrifying face and a head of snakes. It is said that anyone who dared look at her was instantly transformed into stone.

Today, Greek Imp has transformed her into a summer party animal that smokes while smashing plates, just like any true-blooded fan of bouzoukia clubs, and looks at her image in a mirror, lamenting her faded beauty.


For more monsters, log on to the website and its e-shop to choose which one you’re going to wear, display on your fridge or look at while you’re having  coffee.

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