On the Crossroads of Design

A career change led one designer away from civil engineering to jewelry and his stackable, switchable designs create unique combinations.

Dimitris Damaskos has been designing since 2014 for the Amberly Cross range, creating masculine jewelry with minimalist and industrial touches. He doesn’t fit the mould of a typical jewelry designer. He began his career as a civil engineer, and today loves fashion, balance, patterns and structure.

I have seen his work live and immediately wanted to play with the designs, wear the bangles and the rings and create my own combinations. Stack the crosses, like building blocks, or a puzzle and rearrange them again and again.


The concept of Amberly Cross is based on the simplicity of repetitive motifs, namely the symbol of the cross. The rings, bracelets, cufflinks, bangles, earrings and pendants are all handcrafted in the heart of Athens.

What does Made in Greece design and production mean to you?
Something global, whose mother tongue is Greek.

What inspired you to start the project?
A desire to be involved with something related to design. A need to express my creativity along with my love for fashion.


Are there any similarities between civil engineering and designing?
Structure. Same thing, different lens, different scale.

Why Amberly Cross?
Amberly Cross is a name. It’s an alter ego.

What is the story behind the repetitive motifs?
I love patterns that are created by repetitive motifs. The Amberly Cross logo represents the sequence of crosses on both the x-axis and the y-axis.

You say the sequence of crosses forms an architectural grid. What does the symbol of the cross mean to you?
Balance. It’s a key through which I interpret my basic needs for design.


What is your innovative approach to the way symmetry can be used?
Due to the geometry of the cross itself, most of my jewelry can be combined, paired or stacked in numerous and unique ways.

How can one see the Greek influence in your designs?
By having a look at the Greek flag.

What’s the best advice you’ve ever received?
“You won’t make money out of this, quit now.”

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