Designer Items and Ceramics in the Cyclades: A Trio of Shops on Serifos

Two sisters are dedicating their time to promote the unique aesthetic tradition and the history of the Cycladic island of Serifos.

Back in 2000, captivated by the unique beauty of Serifos, Natassa and Jutta Kalogeropoulou, two sisters who had been living in Athens, decided to leave the city and find peace of mind under the island’s blue skies. At a time when concept stores did not even exist in Greece, these two women set their mind to creating spaces where the work of many different Greek artists could be presented in one place and shown to visitors to the island.

Today, they run three stores on the island, each representing a unique aspect of the Cycladic sense of aesthetics, under the name “Think of Serifos.”

The Concept

The “Think of Serifos” brand, which draws its inspiration from this fascinating Cycladic island, is made up of three elegant stores: Thidira, Kerameio and Theta. All of them showcase the creations of talented Greek designers and artists, and follow the latest trends in fashion and home decoration. 

The Kalogeropoulou sisters are also making a sustained and well-coordinated effort, along with other advocates of the island, to gather records regarding the island’s history. One of their goals is to shed light on lesser known aspects Serifos’ past through their products and their stores, taking advantage of the island’s rich and fascinating history.

The stores

Thidira, located in the most frequented spot of the island, was the first store that the sisters founded. Nestled among the picturesque little cafés of the central square in Ano Hora, Thidira is a place where tourists can discover pieces of clothing or jewellery that carry with them the charm of the island. The word “Thidira” is what the locals called the secret alcoves they used to create in their walls to hide their most prized possessions from marauding pirates. When pirates were no longer a threat, these spaces were used as shelves. The sisters’ store uses these spaces for the display of their own treasures, as both a reminder of and a tribute to their original use.

This summer, Thidira is being transformed; Natassa and Jutta, determined to promote the best of Greek living, are planning to open a contemporary café-bar that will suit the settlement’s colorful square. Thidira will become a spot where people can meet friends and sit and chat or pick up a glass of wine to go and roam the village’s alleyways. Of course, all of the food and drinks on offer will come from Greek producers. 

The shop known as Theta will take over Thidira’s role of displaying clothes, jewelry, swimwear, accessories and decorative items created by Greek designers. Theta, which opened its doors in 2016, is located at the new marina of the island, right next to the port. The idea behind the location of this store was to give visitors the opportunity to check out the unique product line, which captures Cycladic design elements (such as the use of geometric shapes), immediately upon arrival and just before leaving the island.

The sisters’ vision wasn’t limited to trading in other people’s products. In 2014, Natassa founded a ceramic studio, to create, display and sell her ceramic art. Serifos has a history in ceramics but the last traditional pottery outlet closed years ago. Natassa wanted to express herself creatively, and to continue the island’s time-honored craft. At Kerameio, you’ll find Natassa’s own ceramic collection, including handmade pottery, beautiful jewelry and a range of decorative items, as well as exceptional pottery from all over Greece. Customers feel the instant connection between the objects for sale and the art required in their production. Natassa also offers ceramic workshops. 


Should you ever visit Serifos, be sure to make time for a visit to these stores. Even if you don’t find anything to buy, you’ll discover a lot about this beautiful island, its culture and its crafts; if you’re truly lucky, Natassa and Jutta will be there to welcome you themselves.

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