Two-Wheeled Athena

Building on its success in bedding, Coco-Mat has developed a wooden bicycle that is both environmentally friendly and beneficial for users.

Since 1989, the Greek company Coco-Mat has developed sleeping systems that draw from the wisdom of nature and strive to be beneficial for both the environment and man. Using natural materials to ensure excellent sleeping conditions, the company aims to minimize its environmental impact by reducing waste. For this reason, the company has implemented new production methods and now has a recycling rate of 96 percent. It also avoids the use of all chemical components during the manufacturing and processing stages of its products.

Paying heed, once again, to environmental concerns with the aim of cultivating environmentally responsible behavior and principles, Coco-Mat has introduced a hand-crafted wooden bicycle, dubbed the Athena. Made of solid oak and designed for Coco-Mat by an industrial team at the local AKTO Art, Design & Media college, the Athena contributes to the overall effort to reduce greenhouse emissions and also offers a comfortable and stylish city cycling option. The wooden bicycle is equipped with two automatically shifting gears as well as an old-style coaster (back pedal) braking system, instead of the customary modern brakes. All the bicycle’s components, carefully selected to offer the same quality as the frame itself, are recyclable. The wooden surfaces – frame, seat, pedals – are protected with beeswax.


For Coco-Mat, the Athena does not simply represent just another bicycle, but a proposal for an alternative lifestyle, one that is more beneficial for both the environment and the rider’s very own health.


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