Yannis Sergakis Jewelry

The storyteller

Brand name:
Yannis Sergakis Adornments. The name of a luxury product should bear the name of the person who creates and constructs it so it acts as a guarantee to the consumer. The name was found by Efthimi Filippou and the brand identity was designed by design firm ΜNP – and awarded in 2014.

The design and production part is both the most enjoyable and important. We don’t go in for the inspiration process because we believe that everything is the result of thought and evolution. We don’t believe in fashion in jewelry so we’re not always trying to keep up by creating a variation of what consumers have become used to. We definitely live in 2015 and try to interpret jewelry in our own way.

I’ve been interested in jewelry ever since I can remember. I started my own company in 2004 and designed jewelry that I told at major outlets in Greece and abroad without putting my name to it. I can say without boasting that a lot of my jewelry was copied worldwide and I still see it different variations. I launched my own brand in 2014. Why? I guess I felt ready to tell the entire story. I framed it as I believe that my jewelry should be presented. 

Brand philosophy:
A woman needs to wear our jewelry, not be worn by it. She must carry it rather than be carried by it. So, I would say I mean a sophisticated woman. The choice of Ariane Labed is a clear message. Paloma Picasso would be another. 

Best sellers:
We don’t have any best sellers because our expansion happened very quickly after the launch at Le Bon Marche. We have observed that one things sells well in France, another on Tokyo and yet another in the US.

Deliberation and observation.

The best souvenir I’ve brought home recently:
My favorite Comté and Gruyère cheeses from Paris.

Quote behind the label: My team and just my team. Work is done by people.

Where to find it: 
• Paris: Le Bon Marche | White Bird | Montaigne Market
• London: Muki Μoo | US: YLANG23 | Bergdorf Goodman
• Portugal | Beirut | Dubai | Hong Kong: Lane Crawford
• Tokyo: Barneys, Land of Tomorrow
• Greece: Link Salonika | Mati art gallery in Santorini | Dew in Myconos and Speak Out in Hydra. We also opened our first boutique, at 5 Valaoritou in Kolonaki in Athens, designed by Aris Zampikos, hailed by French Vogue as one of the most interesting jewelry stores in Europe.

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