Menechmou Street: We Visited the New Hot Spot in Neos Kosmos

A new set of cool shops has recently opened on the same street in Neos Kosmos. We went to Menechmou Street for craft beer, wine, and tasty food.

Neos Kosmos is undoubtedly becoming one of Athens’ most vibrant neighborhoods. Performances, exhibitions, and numerous new restaurants, cafes, and bars are transforming the once-underappreciated refugee neighborhood into a popular entertainment destination.

Despite being only a stone’s throw away from the bustling Kallirrois Avenue, this street is unexpectedly beautiful and peaceful; a tree-lined neighborhood street with small shops. However, along Menechmou and in the small square of Aghios Panteleimonas, an intriguing new “scene” is emerging. A wine bar that became the focus of attention as soon as it opened, a craft brewery, a tiny café, and the revamped Annie, which is being relaunched with a new chef at the helm, are only some of the reasons we decided to head over there. 

Epta Martyres 

The wine bar Epta Matryres (Seven Martyrs) is a new addition to Menechmou Street. The establishment is run by a group of friends, including talented director Romain Gavras, Nakos and George Balamotis from Volos, and the owners of Loggia in Sifnos, Noda Pappa and Orestis Falireas. At Epta Martyres, you’ll find vases of fresh flowers and candles on the marble bar, a painting by the talented artist Michael McGregor, a chandelier, soft lighting, and pleasant music playing on the speakers. What you won’t find, if you go without a reservation, is a place to sit, especially if it’s past 8 p.m.

They take reservations for the few tables inside, but seating at the bar is first-come, first-served. The wine list, which includes delicious French and Greek options, is curated by Australian Bradley Tomlinson, a great Philhellene who married a Greek woman. Bradley enjoys Greek wine. There are approximately ten options by the glass, mostly magnum bottles, and over 100 labels by the bottle, with new ones added on a regular basis. Chef Serafeim Athanasiou (formerly of Tudor Hall, Seychelles) is in charge of the kitchen. Originally from Volos, he has incorporated elements of the tsipouradiko tradition into his cooking, creating distinct meze plates for each round of drinks. If you ask for food with your first glass of wine, they might bring charred cabbage, and then mussels or maybe cuttlefish with greens, and so on, to accompany later rounds. Customers cannot order specific dishes, so each meze comes as a surprise. Given how reasonably priced they are at 5 euros per dish, most people want to try all of them. Our only suggestion is that they might want to reconsider the order of the dishes for those who prefer red wine, as its flavor may clash with the lemony ceviche or other dishes. Perhaps starting with a less acidic meze would be preferable for them. As the evening progresses, the music becomes more upbeat and Epta Martyres becomes a real bar; only, instead of gin and tonic (even though they have that too), they mainly serve Aligoté, Viognier, Assyrtiko and Serifiotiko. – Nena Dimitriou


3B Menechmou, Neos Kosmos

Baubo Bottleshop and Grocery

Baubo Bottleshop was created by two sisters, Xenia and Ilianna. And when we say created, we mean that literally; they built everything by hand, from the doors to the shelves and bar, with relatives and friends also pitching in, as well. The result is a warm, authentically DIY space where you can buy craft beers from Greek and foreign microbreweries or enjoy them on the spot while listening to the music selected by the girls and nibbling on their snacks. Despite having different professional backgrounds, they both caught the beer bug from their “beer-loving” father. He was always interested in the experiments of young brewers and even organized one of Athens’ first beer festivals. His love was quickly passed down to his daughters, who have now filled Baubo’s shelves with about 140 beers of various styles and origins.

Baubo’s tiny kitchen produces simple dishes like fries with eggs and parsley pesto, as well as cheeses from small producers served with jams and homemade pickles. In addition to beers and a few wines, the shelves are stocked with pasta, ready-made sauces, rusks, herbs, sweet and savory snacks, and other deli items. In the morning, they serve Hand Pickers coffee, Kakau hot chocolate, tea, a few sandwiches, and sweets. – Georgia Papastamou


1-3 Menechmou, Neos Kosmos, Τel. (+30) 216.808.0945

Annie Fine Cooking

Annie Fine Cooking  has recently relaunched with a new head chef. The restaurant, which made an impression when it first opened with chef Stavriani Zervakakou (earning a mention in the Michelin guide), has since become a breeding ground for talented chefs. The baton was later passed to Stefanos Mihalis and now to Konstantina Kasparidou, from the Evros region, who continues to maintain the restaurant’s high standards. Using only seasonal produce and many homemade preparations (from aromatic oils and pickles to bread and cured meats), Kasparidou serves traditional dishes with a creative twist, including bean soup, fish soup, rooster stewed with greens, ramen with beef tongue, sarmades (cabbage rolls), and other delicious delights. – Georgia Papastamou


4 Menechmou, Neos Kosmos, Tel. (+30) 210.921.3690


Titanas, located at the corner of Menechmou and Sismani streets, competes for the title of the city’s smallest restaurant.  You enter and find yourself in the kitchen, living room, and bar all at once. There’s really no other option, since the Lilliputian establishment, which describes itself as a modern café, measures 11 square meters in total. When the weather is nice, Titanas spills out of the tiny corner building with its large windows and typical Studiomateriality aesthetic, offering table seating on the spacious sidewalk. The concise menu consists of simple drinks and snacks. – Georgia Papastamou

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18 Sismani, Neos Kosmos

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