My Favorite Shots: 10 Remote Greek Beach Paradises

Photographer Clairy Moustafellou dipped into her extensive archive and pulled out images of the most stunning beaches she's visited over the years.

"He was careful to pronounce clearly the word sea. So that within it all the dolphins could shine. And there was enough desolation so to contain God." - Odysseas Elytis


Aspronisi, an islet close to Leipsi, features this white pebble beach with crystal-clear waters (Aspronisi means “White Island”). If your sailboat’s destination is heaven, then stop right here. You have arrived.

Marmara Beach, Armathia

Armathia is a small uninhabited island close to Kasos in the southeastern Aegean. Its beach of Marmara was formed by countless storms pounding the marble shores. The only footprints in the sand are those of seagulls, followed by your own.

Karamela Beach, Antikythera

Karamela Beach, on Antikythera. The giant razor-sharp rocks that surround you seem to have been taken straight out of a scene from The Lord of the Rings.

Aghios Pavlos, Rethymno

The beach of Aghios Pavlos is located on the southern coast of Rethymno, Crete. You can either walk or slide down the enormous sand dunes. Its deep waters are a curious blue color, constantly churned by the currents from the open sea.


The islet Koutsomitis lies off Astypalaia in the Aegean. The water here is so clear that when you dive in, you can hear its secrets.

Prasa Beach, Kimolos

On Prasa Beach, on the Cycladic island of Kimolos, the white sand, fine as a powder, is blinding in the sunshine, and the water looks as if it might be fake, like a painter’s spilled watercolors.

Mersini Beach, Polyaigos

Mersini Beach, on the uninhabited island of Polyaigos near Milos; being alone here is a precious gift.

Sarakiniko Beach, Gavdos

Sarakiniko Beach, on the island of Gavdos south of Crete. It gets relatively busy in August, yet even then, its atmosphere remains unadulterated. The thyme growing in the sand continues to flower.


Kounoupa is a small uninhabited island close to Astypalaia. On arriving by boat you’ll want to dive in before even dropping anchor.

Chrysi Island

Chrysi is an islet south of Crete separated by nothing but open sea from Libya; according to legend, the seed that gave rise to its cedar forest arrived from there. It takes a long walk through the prickly cedars - that resemble massive sculptures - to reach the beach, and the dazzling blue sea.