Grape Harvest at Navarino Vineyards

Take a front-row seat at the grape harvest in Messinia

This is the perfect setting for wine aficionados to learn all the secrets of the wine harvest. Set in the idyllic Peloponnese countryside, Navarino Vineyards is an organic winery in the village of Mouzaki in Trifylia, its 55 hectares extending over western hillsides some 500m to 600m above sea level. Launched in collaboration with the award-winning resort of Costa Navarino, it produces wines that benefit from a unique climate and capture all the characteristics of Messinian soil.

Εvery autumn, the tranquil, neat rows of organic vines are buzzing with anticipation as the year’s effort finally bears fruit, an experience in which Costa Navarino guests are invited to participate. The grape harvest in the Greek countryside has always been a time for much celebration. For centuries, women, men and even young children have come together to gather and press the grapes at the family vineyard.

After hand-picking the grapes, guests are invited to join in the fun of the old-fashioned method of grape stomping – just take off your shoes and roll up your trousers. Tours at the vineyard are crowned off with a winetasting of the acclaimed Navarino Vineyards labels and snacks under the direction of an experienced sommelier. You will also hear about the history of the Messinian wine country and the cultivation of native grape varieties as well as their distinctive characteristics, which are drawn from the microclimate of the area. With its long, hazy sunny days and warm temperatures, autumn is the ideal time to discover the region’s rich culinary heritage, its authentic characteristics and delicious flavors, all embodied in the winery’s delightful products, such as its white and red 1827 and Kotyle.


Navarino Dunes, Messinia, 280km from Athens
• Tel. (+30) 27230.950.00 |
The grape harvest is held from September 1-30.

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