31 Greek Museums in TripAdvisor’s Top 10%

Greek public museums rank among the best on the popular, review-based travel website.

If a museum is as good as its reviews, then those in Greece must be among the best; indeed, 31 of the country’s public museums have earned TripAdvisor’s 2020 Traveler’s Choice (formerly Certificate of Excellence) badge, in recognition of consistently great user reviews.

This comes as great news during the continuing battle against the coronavirus and represents a further recognition for the Greek Ministry of Culture and Sports, which has made sure all necessary safety measures were observed in all museums it is in charge of.

Some of these museums had been criticized in the past for lack of innovation and modernism; visibly, a lot has changed since. Indeed, in the past few years, both public and privately owned museums have been striving to become more attractive to the public by bettering their communication skills and offering more activities at a recurring pace, while adapting to new technologies.

Today, Greek public museums receive excellent reviews from visitors; they are ranked within the top 10% of recommended places to visit this year.

A list of the 31 museums that were awarded the “Traveler’s Choice 2020” badge was published by the Association of Greek Archaeologists on their website:

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